Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Drawing Near…

This is a song we’ve been singing in church recently.

It’s a new song to us, written by modern hymn writers Keith and Kristyn Getty.  Their talent to bring God’s truth to life through music is remarkably encouraging and has helped us to worship deeply.



As a mom, I find my time in God’s word limited--- I find my morning schedule very unpredictable, never knowing if a child will wake at 7:00 or 6:00 that morning.   I long for God to speak to me, yet too often I allow the busy-ness of my day and my never ending to-do list to crowd Him out.   Is it that He just isn’t speaking, or could it be that I am not really listening??

Since becoming a mom I have clung to the verse 
     “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you”   James 4:8

It isn’t always easy to draw near to God as a mom with 3 little ones all around.  But our drawing near doesn’t have to be merely a physical drawing near.   I daily need the reminder that God is present and He longs for me to invite Him into my day, and to sit at His feet.

  • Am I drawing near to God in my heart?  Do I long to know God’s truth?
  • Am I allowing myself time to read His word…even if it is a brief
    time? Could I wake earlier, make more use of evening/nap time?
  • Do I believe that God’s word holds truths for me that I need to hear?
  • How can I find ways to draw near to God throughout the day? To actually allow my self to hear from Him and His Word?


This song is a cry of my heart. 
A cry for God to Speak through His word.  To comfort me with His Holy promises, to feed me with the bread of life.  To plant His truth deep in me, to fashion me in His likeness.  That the world around me… and more importantly these precious little children around me… would see the light of Christ shining so bright in their mommy.  In my acts of love and deeds of faith. 


Speak, Oh Lord…. Speak to me today. 
It may not always be easy, but I will draw near to You today.
Because I need Your word planted deeply in me.

How do you draw near to God?

I would love if you shared how you manage to take in God’s word throughout the day (especially from moms of little children) or if you have any specific verses or promises that are encouraging you lately.