Friday, October 8, 2010

A butter what?

A butter bell.

Are you confused?  Stick with me on this one.

Remember my post about the Salt Pig?  And how my life was changed forever?? Over a Salt Pig?

Well, my heart is swooning over a butter bell now. 
A Butter bell (or butter “crock”) is a pottery crock/bowl that holds the butter and keeps it fresh.

On your counter. GASP!



And here is how it works.  You put the butter in the top part, and pour a certain amount of water in the bottom bowl.

The butter stays soft, but not melted everywhere.
I admit when I do leave my butter on the counter now in the long butter dish it gets melted and messy. 
But still nice and smooth…umm…smooth like butter.


Now, my husband and I have the big butter debate.  I leave it out on the counter for days.  Then I go to get it to spread on my nice warm english muffin…. and where is the butter?  Back in the fridge.  Put there by the butter police. 

So honey…. if I get a Butter Bell, can I please leave the butter on the counter?? 


What say you ? 
Do you leave your butter on the counter?  Think it’s gross? 
Ever heard of a Butter Bell? 
Don’t you think it will change our lives if we had one?

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