Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The view from up here

We have admired it from afar and often play “Who can spot it first” as we drive around.  Charlotte has asked for a while when she can go to the top of the Washington Monument.

IMG_7296 IMG_6758

So on her 5th Birthday last week, Daddy surprised her with a special Birthday Daddy/Daughter date.


She was so excited!
They took the elevator to the very top and were able to look over all of DC from the highest point in the city.
(there are no buildings in DC higher than the Washington Monument)
  CAM_0019 CAM_0016

Charlotte loves dates with her Daddy, but this was extra special as it was something she had really wanted to do for a while.


Rubbing elbows with George himself!

CAM_0012 CAM_0015

What a great Birthday surprise from her Daddy!
And what a fabulous city we live in where these are the kinds of experiences and memories we can give our children!


Thought you’d enjoy a little video of the great view and of Charlotte’s Love for DC!

Happy Birthday Charlotte!
We hope this will be a fun date you remember always!


While tours of the Washington Monument are free, you need a ticket/reservation.  You can either go up to the kiosk near the monument and hope for a good time, OR You can reserve your tickets online for only $1.50 handling fee