Tuesday, September 7, 2010

School Rules!

These Little Llamas sure were excited about the first day of school!IMG_7416

And can you believe they walked 4 blocks there
and 4 blocks back??
I am so proud of their walking skills lately!


Charlotte (who is almost 5)
Will be a Grasshopper this year


While Carson (3 1/2) will be holding it down in the Crickets class


One last good buy hug to the Bug.

Sweet smiling faces!


And Mama Llama got to spend the morning with this little cutie.


I can’t believe how big they are getting.
And I can’t believe this is Charlotte’s last year in Pre-K


Yes, we decided not to send her to kindergarten this year
 (and are so happy  with our decision)
I can’t imagine having sent her 8-3 five days a week this year.


So, school time is session here for us here and these Little Llamas are loving it.  We thrive on a good routine and having school 9-1 three days a week gives us some great structure to our days.

And if you need a great back to preschool laugh,
check out this
video that I posted a while back


And if you think it is a miracle that I took these pics today and uploaded them and  blogged about it all in the same day, what can I say?  Miracles do happen.  But don’t get used to it…