Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The post where you learn that turning 5 is about the best thing on earth

Charlotte had a fabulous birthday last week….
so much so, that it took me up until today to fully recover!


She had a great day celebrating with her friends at school


She was showered with every 5 year old’s dream dolls…  

She received a Cabbage Patch Kid from her Grandparents
(they still smell exactly the same)

And…an American Girl Doll from her Gemma
(Felicity, one of the historical character girls)

Do you think the grandparents love this kid, or what??

Me, the mom who swore I would never allow Polly Pockets to take over my house… I gave in and purchased her very first polly pocket.  Stop the madness NOW!

IMG_7471 IMG_7474

We did a little 5th Birthday Photo Shoot on the front stoop.
(note her brand new Birthday knee socks)

IMG_7482 IMG_7486

Picked up a little friend from church and headed to Chinatown.
Yep, I have the only 5 year old on the planet who requests CHINESE food for her birthday dinner.  
We could do pizza, Chick Fil-A, Fuddruckers…

Nope…This little Foodie chose Chinatown!


And then we came back and indulged in the
Biggest Cupcake Ever!


It was SO fun to make, and charlotte had been wanting this since we saw the pan in the store. 

Cupcakes are all the rage here in DC (and I guess everywhere)
And the thought of one big GIANT cupcake just had her sold.

IMG_7509 IMG_7507

And I was sold too…
We had THE best time celebrating her birthday.
So much that Carson keeps begging for his birthday to come soon.
Sorry, buddy…you’ve got another 4 months or so. 


IMG_7473 IMG_7470 

Can’t believe this little ham is 5 years old now
She had a great birthday!

Thanks for all your well wishes!