Thursday, September 30, 2010

Llamas Love Linkage

So, I realized that there are often a lot of little links I want to share through the days… and rather than just tweet them out, I might as well link up to them every so often… so here is a little linkage love for you my friends.  Happy reading, shopping, browsing, linking.

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Stunning and beautiful…

Cinnamon Stick fabric flower rosette statement necklace

Don’t you want one of these Happy Little Lovelies ??
You can also Follow them on Facebook
I love it!  And I love the girl behind it too, and don’t we all love supporting a work at home mama?


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A great Article from a recent 9 Marks E Journal on Mommy Guilt.
It was a great reminder to read that Mothering IS the Mission Field! I have been meaning to share this article for a while and it just got away from me… but I have gone back to it often recently



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Are you a mom of Boys??


Then you MUST check out MOB Society
for great encouragement in raising sons. 




Help Support my friend, Kirsten as she raises money to adopt a  precious little boy from Ethiopia.

Felt Play Food - Yummy Breakfast Set

She is selling this adorable felt play food set!  I just want to eat it up!


Looking for a great addition to your Wii workout ?

Check out my recent Review of an AWESOME new product out there called Riiflex!  Just hop on Over on my review site.    There might even be a swanky little discount for you!



Help my friend Rachel as she raises awareness and resources for Down Syndrome.  One way you can do that  is to vote for
Andrea Roberts with Reece’s Rainbow. 
She is a candidate in People Magazine’s Readers Choice Heroes
Go here to vote for Andrea – they could win $10,000 for Reece’s Rainbow, an organization that helps find homes for down syndrome children


So there is some linkage Love for ya----
I will be back with more another day