Friday, September 17, 2010

Knowing the signs of Anger

I recently put a dress on Helen that used to be mine.  She looked SO adorable, but since it was already small, I figured she probably wouldn’t wear it again. 


So I decided I would take a little photo shoot.  Nice try mom. 
There was NO way I was prying her “JSHHH” from her hand


She was looking and acting SO cute, So I thought I would just swipe it from her and take a few more pics. 
Sorry, I just don’t want a pink cup in a picture I might frame.


Let me just warn you new parents who think that is a good idea. 

It’s not. 

Don’t EVER take anything from the baby if you want a decent picture….paci, lovey, cup, blankee. 
just leave it in the picture

Let me introduce you to the 5 stages of baby anger.


        First she was shocked.
How dare I pry that precious cup from her hands?







    Then she got
downright mad.
Nobody puts baby's cup in the corner.








   Then that anger turned to rage.
                            Baby rage
Note—she has now dropped to the floor.  This adds to the drama of the baby rage.








Then she just turned to despair.
I can’t believe you took my cup mama.







And before you email me saying what a horrible mother I am,
let me assure you-- she did not cry for long.  These pictures were taken in about 3 seconds. 

So I did what any good mama would do—
I resorted to enlisting the big kids to help entertain her.

They hammed it up, and tried to make her laugh.

IMG_7357 IMG_7363

But nothing got the job done.
So I gave in and returned her precious sippy cup.

And here is where we witness the 5th stage of Baby Anger

IMG_7358 IMG_7360

I like to call it “Gotcha”—
where the baby sneakily walks away knowing “I fooled you”
Where their crying miraculously ceases the minute
they get what they want.

The above pictures were taken seconds after the screaming fit.
She got her cup, but she was not going to give me another smile

Thankfully (even though I am SO not Photoshop savvy),
I can crop and edit,  and tweak and perfect…


To get at least one framable picture that captures that little angel in her mama’s dress.  With no sippy cup in sight. 

Is she not the cutest Little Henny Buggy Ever?