Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Have No Fear…

The South is Near….

There once was a mom…
who dreamed of Bo-Berry biscuits, and cajun fries, and chicken,
and sweet tea so sugary you could rot a tooth on one sip….

And then that mom took her kids on a trip to Union Station….


Where she saw this sign in the Union Station food court.


So, she paused for a moment listening to angels rejoicing in heaven, and she thanked the Good Lord for being so gracious as to bring a Bojangles to DC just seven blocks from her house. 

And then she prayed a little prayer reminding Him that she had also requested a Chick Fil A, a Krispy Kreme and also a Target to come to Capitol Hill.  You know, just in case He forgot.  
Because the prayers of a righteous man do availeth much.


So, dream with me tonight of Bo Berry biscuits and cajun fries…
And rest easy knowing that my dream will soon become a reality.



--- of you have no idea what a Bojangles is, then I am so sorry.
I will pray for you tonight. 

--- if you think Carson was just wearing that shirt… he was. Wearing it yesterday, and the day before, and probably tomorrow.  Thanks mom… He loves the Frog Lake Shirt. 

-if you are concerned that I might die of a blocked artery from eating too much Bojangles, do not fear.  It’s all in moderation. 
I probably won’t even eat there once a month... but just knowing it is there will be a comfort.