Thursday, September 23, 2010


Before my very eyes…
Coming Home 016These years they have flown by.
Who knew how fast this babe would grow…
It makes me want to cry.

When she turned 1…
She was SO much Fun! 
(little did we know we were about to have a son…
and the fun had just begun)


Then came 2 …

Where she would show us all she could do
I also vaguely remember the many fits she threw.

CN School (5)

Then Came Three…

IMG_2034 IMG_1965

Showing us what a precious girl she could be.


Oh, glorious Four …
Could we ever ask for more?
That party was a dream…with the western gear she wore.


A fabulous adventure being her mother has been….
I’ve never felt more alive! (or more tired)
But watch out World… Here She comes…

Charlotte Just turned Five.  

Happy Birthday Sweet Charlotte! 
The Past Five years have FLOWN by… 
Thank you for making me a mother 5 years ago today.