Monday, August 9, 2010

Weird and Wonderful

Love Handles Stroller Elliptical Bars

Why yes, you too could have built in Elliptical handles on your stroller (an attachment)for $99.  This is just a little weird.  But then again, I admit I actually took time to look at the Shake Weight Dumbbell the other day.



I think I am going to finally give in and get one of these.  Have you seen them?  The Plastic insulated tumbler that looks like a to go cup from Starbucks?  That way when I make my iced coffee in the afternoon, I feel like I have just gone to Starbucks.    Because this might make me feel simply wonderful….without spending the $3.89 on a grande skinny caramal latte. 


But then again….
If I drink too many of these Iced Coffees I might actually need to buy the Elliptical Stroller Handles