Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Real Housewives

If you haven’t heard, Bravo just premiered it’s recent season of “Real Housewives” and this summer it is Real Housewives of DC
Just perfect timing, huh?

And guess who they asked to be a part of it….
                 Not me… I didn’t quite fit the description.

Let’s just get a few things straight…

           A---None of these women actually live in DC. 
           B---Not much about these women, or this series is real

Let me introduce you to the REAL housewives of DC.

      They are the same as the REAL housewives of Greensboro, or Charlotte, or Dallas.  The REAL housewives on your cul-de-sac, or carpool line, or McDonald’s Playplace.   

Real Housewives put others first, and are constantly choosing family over self… taking the role of a Servant.

Real Housewives are up with the first child (or earlier) and work well past the kiddos bedtime…often pulling 15-16 hour “shifts”

Real Housewives are wiping noses, hands, faces, and other unmentionable areas.   And when we’re not wiping people, we are wiping counters, floors, and tables. 

Real Housewives are busy creating culinary masterpieces like Ants on a Log or Turkey Pinwheels, hiding peas in ketchup, and other delinquent delicacies…why isn’t that on The Food Network? 

Real Housewives are cultivating meaningful relationships with other women who encourage, strengthen and build them up… not causing drama at the local tennis court.

Real Housewives are faithful to their husbands who are working diligently outside the home in order that we can stay home with our children.

Real Housewives view it as a high privilege and calling in order to be the ones to care for these precious little ones
              (not saying it makes the hard days any easier)

Real Housewives are trying to make our house the best place to be, welcoming and inviting…a place where we can extend hospitality to those who visit as well as those who live here. 
Real Housewives are undergoing wardrobe changes not due to the upcoming Gala, but due to the spit up or ketchup that has been on our shoulder since lunchtime. 

Real Housewives go to live performances and red carpet events---
of Wiggles in concert, Sesame Street and Disney on Ice. 

Real Housewives view their role as mother not one of “child care provider” but realize it is a true calling of raising the future men and women

Real Housewives are mediating peace treaties over legos, issuing rescue missions for lost blankies, and maintaining inventory of fruitsnacks. 


I’d like to see them make a show about that.


My main beef with these shows is this:


They prey on housewives and try to convince us that our life is not meaningful unless it looks like these wealthy socialites.   This is what it means to be a real housewife?  I must be tan, toned, and had a recent visit to the best plastic surgeon for a little “enhancing.”  I must have a nanny and a maid.  And who has time for cooking, we will eat out every meal.  And I must be the “it girl”  in town… a part of every committee, volunteer for every charity.  It appears as if they do everything except actually…. be at home.   

They want us to believe that those women are living the real life… and our lives are… well, just boring.

Ladies…friends….dear sisters….Do not despair.  
         You are the Real Housewives.   And your labor is not in vain.

“Great is your reward in Heaven”
       Matthew 5:12