Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the dog days of summer…

Are almost gone.


  But thankfully we found a great way to beat the heat recently!



We visited the

Enid Haupt Garden

tucked right behind the Smithsonian Castle.


And just past the entry of this little treasure of a garden we came across some great splash fountains

  IMG_2328 IMG_2330

The kids were hesitant at first…


Splashing and enjoying the water…while still staying nice and dry.


They started getting a little braver


And when Mommy finally said “Go for it!”…
They decided to let it all loose!


They ran and played, and splished and splashed



And this is what summer is all about…

IMG_2338 IMG_2339

Summer fun.

IMG_2341 IMG_2342

And wet clothes, and big happy grins. 
And Mommy who is okay putting wet kids in the van.

IMG_2343 IMG_2344

And a baby, who sweetly just watches it all from the confines of her stroller. She had just woken up and wasn’t sure what to think of this splashy fun. 


On our walk back to the van, we found sprinklers on in a nearby sculpture garden… so yes, I let them join the sculpture people
and enjoy the sprays on the lawn. 
Once wet, a little more water doesn’t matter much!


Then we passed the HUGE geyser fountain right in the middle of the Hirshhorn Museum


And while Carson had a hard time understanding why couldn’t splash in that fountain…


They still enjoyed the great site of that fountain
and all the splashing we did that day.

So the Dog Days of Summer are almost over for us… 
And while we have enjoyed our first summer in DC, we are eager for cooler days and long walk in the fall weather.