Tuesday, August 17, 2010

DC for Kids – Building Museum

I thought I would begin sharing with you some of our adventures in DC!  For some you (ahem, grandparents) you will be more interested in the pictures of the cute kids and not as much in the great sites and museums.  Or maybe you are planning a trip up to DC soon and wondering what to do with kids in Washington, DC. 

I hope to spotlight some of our new stomping grounds as we explore this Great Nation’s Capital!

So let’s start off with the….

One of the best little finds we have stumbled across in DC is the National Building Museum.


This beauty of a building houses a few exhibits that spotlight building and architecture in the city and country.  Currently they have a great Lego Exhibit up.


The inside of the building is spectacular… though this fountain was a little tempting for my Little Llamas.   You can play in the inside The great hall (which has wireless and handfuls of business people on their lunch breaks)   


There is an arch you can build (I recommend more than 1 adult) 
I got no pictures of this part of our trip because I was busy holding up the arch while my little ones handed me the pieces… it tumbled down on us about 8 times before we gave up.    Here is a picture of group of 4 doing it…

The National Building Museum offers attractions for children inside and out.                                                                      Susana Raab for The New York Times


And their is a great playroom called The Building Zone (again no pictures from this part…too busy playing!) with blocks, a play house, and all kinds of “building” toys. 
              And the best part of all of this--- Free!

                                                        *Above Pics from http://www.nbm.org

Some helpful info:
*The Building Zone hours are 10:00 am-4:00 pm Monday through Saturday and 11:00 am-4:00 pm on Sundays.  They only let in so many people at a time, so getting there right at 11 is a good plan.  No snacks or drinks in The Building Zone.

*Metro—Red Line Judiciary Square, but metered parking around the building didn’t seem terrible.

*There is a Cafe and you can also bring snacks/drinks into the Great Hall.  Also a great gift shop with neat Building toys.

*Very kid and family friendly 

We had a great time at The Building Museum and think this is a much overlooked treasure!  It is definitely on our list of great mid-morning activities… 

So, if you are in DC with Kids, we highly recommend checking it out!  And let us know, and we might meet you up there for a little building adventure… and maybe one day, get that arch up!