Wednesday, August 11, 2010

DC Deal a Day Sites

So…. I am all about a good deal.  I am known for scanning the grocery story circulars, regular visits to Goodwill, and thrift store and side of the road treasure finds! 

Year’s ago, Dave coined a phrase--

“BOGO or No Go.”

Meaning… if we didn’t have a coupon, we weren’t eating there.  Since moving to DC I have been hard pressed to find good coupons...especially for restaurants.  

But now that we live in a Big city, I have discovered the joy of the “deal a day” coupon sites….
Do you hear that?? 
                   The angelic harps ringing in the background?? 

Let me introduce you to these great sites---
Especially for those friends in Charlotte and Dallas and Atlanta and New York.  



Here are some of the Great Deal Sites I have come across:

So What's The Deal?

Deals for Deeds
        DC Only right now

Deal On

Buy With Me

       DC only right now


Living Social
     (Greensboro folks, I think this is coming to Gboro soon)

You just sign up with your email and a great deal will be delivered in your inbox every morning.    A lot of them are “group coupon” sites… where a certain number of people have to sign up for the deal for you to get it.  But some of them are just plain deals!  Deals from restaurants, spas, stores, etc.  Making this deal finder on happy spender. 

Strictly Baby/Kid Deals

Of course there are others, but these are ones I have actually found good deals on that I like…

Mama Bargains




Totsy is not a deal a day site, but it is a great site that launches about 4 sales a day (mainly kid products). And they have had some great deals lately.  It is an invite only shopping site and here is you invite.

Baby Cheapskate— Again, this is not a deal a day site, but a blog...with fabulous baby deals! Whenever a friend is looking for a carseat or deal on something I usually come up with a great find.  And those finds usually come from this site.  She tracks ALL sorts of deals, and if you are in the market for a carseat especially you would be smart to browse Baby Cheapskate first.

Happy Saving!
And please share some of your other great deal sites!

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