Monday, July 5, 2010

Name that House!

Today is the day!
Move-in day, that is!


Lessons already learned..

1-I did not purge nearly enough stuff

2- We are going to be selling a LOT of stuff on Craigslist

3- Radiators take up a lot of space space where I could be putting furniture.

4- We will be getting creative with storage… including the lack of a closet in our extra room (though I am so thankful for an extra room)… we may be hunting for a wardrobe.  As well, as no linen closet anywhere in sight.  

5-  They call it a trunk room for a reason.  Because it literally only holds a trunk…or in our case, a crib.  And that’s it folks. 

6- Our van may or may not fit in this garage.  We are currently in the great war of 2010 over finding 3 more inches of space…because it would be nice if we could close the garage door.     
               Somehow, some way… I will win this one.

6-  Despite it’s 100 year old quirks, we are confident this is exactly the house God prepared for us.

And if you want a good laugh, and to know how to pray for us…
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So, we’ve decided this little beauty of a Victorian needs a Name.

We want to be able to say “meet us at the _________”

“Pizza night at the _________________”

”Greetings from the _____________”

”Emergency Babysitters please come to the _______”

So… won’t you help us name our house??

1--Leave your suggestions in the comments.
2—Read the entries and hit “like” on your favorite one

We’re not promising we will use your suggestion,
but we are sure we want a name…
And I am way too busy trying to unpack, figure out where to put all my linens, and fit my van in the garage.


So, whatcha Got??  Name our house!