Saturday, July 17, 2010

Irony or Providence??

As we walk the 8 blocks to church, we walk through a lovely park called Stanton Square…


They have a fabulous playground…though the stay at home moms have coined it the “Nanny park” 

The park is midway on our walk to church and it offers a change of scenery compared to the city blocks. 

Stanton Park by Alan Cordova.

David pointed out one day… “Did you see who the statue was in the center of Stanton Square?”
Hmmmm… Surely I had noted who it was.
Nope…I hadn’t.


Who was the strong and stoic man riding upon the steed?

What was it about him?


Nathanael Greene

I knew there was reason I liked that park….

Irony or Providence?

It is the small things like that where God leaves His fingerprints. 
And I’d like to believe that more than 100 years ago,
when this statue was erected, God smiled a little…
Knowing that our family would one day walk by. 

Thankful today for the little things.