Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Henny Buggy

We are now neck high in boxes (no joke) and the un-packing adventures have truly begun.  And the reality is that I have no idea when our internet will be hooked up….and what exactly is one supposed to do without the wide wide world of web?? 

So, I have scheduled a few posts with the cutest little llamas ever…. so this is sure to satisfy the drooling grandparents who are lurking for pictures of the little beloveds…and hopefully you too.


Today, Little Miss Helen is 16 months old.  
What?? How did this happen???
When Charlotte was 16 months old I had a new born…
When Carson was 16 months old he started
Mother’s Morning out…

This one, I am keeping a baby as long as I can.
Words just can’t really describe the cuteness
that this bug exudes …. but these pictures sure can.

IMG_6747 IMG_2250

You want to hug, her, squeeze her, and as one friend puts' it…
“I want to eat her”

IMG_6691 IMG_6673




She is a big ball of energy,
with a language all of her own. 
I realized lately that she was saying “ending” sounds of words. 









So for example…. 

        Down, On  =  Nuh, nuh

        Cup, up,  = puh, puh

        Socks = kuhs, kuhs

        Cheese = suh, suh

Once I caught on to this cling-on language, I totally had a breakthrough with Helen…
and we are communicating much better.

As well as a mom and a 16 month old can communicate.


Now if only I can start interpreting her high pitch squeals and squawks…. then we’d be well on our way.  But for now I am going to enjoy the last 8 months of babyhood before she officially becomes a toddler.  
       (do they officially become toddlers at 2, or did I make that up?)

All I know is at 2 we introduce the big girl bed, potty-training, and hopefully a whole new language made up of more than just ending sounds…
        Perhaps German.

**Stay tuned for more cute pics of the rest of the herd as well as moving updates and dilemmas.  Did I mention my Van still doesn’t fit in the garage??   Yeah, we’re working on that.