Wednesday, July 14, 2010


…of a recovering Suburban Housewife.


1—Just because something says it is 1 mile away, doesn’t mean it is in your neighborhood.   In reality, 1 mile could take you up to 20-30 minutes to get to in the city.  1 mile away is a world away.


2—When they built a Target in the most urban part of the city, they didn’t think that some housewife in a minivan would be coming there with her 3 kids.   I think we will just stick to the Target in VA for now.


3-- A 1 car garage does NOT equal a 1 van garage.  We’re still working on this.  To clarify and give all props to my husband… the van is IN the garage.  With like 1 mm to spare, and a few more scratches on it than before.  But it is in the garage! 


4--- There is no Chick-Fil-A (with a playground) or Mcdonald’s playplace anywhere near me… even in the suburbs.    A million high fives goes to the person who finds the closest playplace within 20 minutes of us.

5---The phrase “are we there yet?” is a little more understandable when you are walking everywhere. 

6—To quote a friend who lives here… “all of DC is the hood”.  There is the bad part of the hood, the not so bad part of the hood.  And the really nice hood.  But it’s all the hood”.   Thank you.   I think we live in the “not so bad” part of the hood.   (The funny part is that she was saying this to encourage me…more on that in another post)


7—A yard is so over-rated.    Our little brick patio is just great.  And for those worried our kiddos will never ride their bikes…. tsk, tsk, tsk.  We have found a great place for bike riding, and they have loved it. 


So there you have it… Suburban housewife turned Urban!  We are having so much fun learning this city.  I have laughed at my city mistakes (well, maybe shed a few tiny tears).  We are walking, and parallel parking, and locking doors.   

But still going to the suburbs for Target.  This suburban detox is hard.

So what do you think about the new header on my blog?? 
Love it!