Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Big Sister

IMG_6740 IMG_2236

Charlotte is really growing up lately.
Though she certainly has her meltdown moments,
she is truly developing a sweet and gentle spirit.


Dancer and Singer--- She has joined the ranks of the those in our family who make up silly songs


Lover of Krispy Kreme

IMG_2254 IMG_2252

Charlotte is a showing herself to be an energetic personality,
loves to be around friends (and cousins),
is caring and compassionate.  Loves to be a helper. 

Every now and then I catch glimpses of a pre-teen in her
(not that she is doing pre-teen things)
but I look at her and i can see how she might look at 15.   

And she is simply stunning…inside and out.
I am sobered by my great responsibility to raise this child to be a woman who honors God with her life.

She challenges me to be a better mom.