Thursday, July 1, 2010

Beach Babes

I fully understand that I am weeks behind in blogging,
and there isn’t much relief in site.  We have been in DC for a week now, and move into our rental home on Monday.  I promise to try and give more of a play by play as we move, unpack, and purge.


But for now…
Don’t you want to see what a fun time we had at the beach
with the Charlotte Family?


Charlotte was quite the sand queen and the only one who let me bury her in the sand.  Doesn’t she make a darling mermaid?

IMG_2238 IMG_2235

Carson was the fearless swimmer… he wants so much to be a big boy.  I want him so much to stay in floaties forever. 


I fear I have an Extreme Sports kid on my hands…


Helen took a litttle warming up to all this sand and water.

IMG_2215 IMG_2223 

Her preferred spot was right in this chair observing all the crazy wave jumpers.


The kids had a blast on this slide at the pool…
Carson even started going down by himself.

It’s hard to imagine my babies just swimming around without floats.  But before I know it they will be diving to the bottom of the pool and swimming all day with no help at all.


We sure did have a blast getting one more trip to the beach in before our big move!