Friday, June 25, 2010

DC Here we come!

Or really, I should say… Here we are!

Before leaving Greensboro, I set up a special night for David and I in our vacant home (the one we sold) before we closed.


So we could remember all God had done,
and ask God to go before us in the HUGE move.


I reminded him of part of the vows I made to him on our wedding day.  You say things with such passion the day of your wedding…
But it is in times like these, that you are called to the mat. 
Did I really mean that? 


Yep, I did mean it. 
And I still mean it today.


Well, we’re here.
We’re really doing it.
We moved our herd of Little Llamas to the Nations Capital,
so that college students might be impacted with the Gospel.

And though the leaving has been hard…
the saying goodbyes sad
the transition tiring…
the unknowns unbearable

We walked around Capitol Hill today,
Not as tourists… but as Residents.
Trusting God for way more than just a move…
We are trusting Him for a movement!

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