Friday, May 28, 2010

To Be Known…

Last night was a great night celebrating with friends. 
A last hoo-ra Mom’s Night Out.  And it was fab-u-lous! 


We wined and dined and laughed till they kicked us out.

We joked about my rowdy little llamas, our upcoming move,
I drew on the (paper) table cloth a not-to-scale map of the mall and Capitol Hill, we wondered if we could get a “sponsor” for our dinner.  I tried to convince them to all start blogging…
That the world would be a better place if they all were blogging. 

One friend is the most loyal and initiative friend ever.
One friend is moving soon to Pennsylvania…to be a professor!
One friend is Potty Training today...Good Luck Tracey!
(the only blogger of the group)
One friend is a lawyer, but should have been a comedian.
One friend looks like a model… even after 3 boys.
One friend has the cutest little girls ever…it should be a sin.
One friend is the most encouraging, prayerful mom ever.

And there were a lot of friends who couldn’t make it…

As we talked about my upcoming move, the overwhelming feel I got from the evening and from that table of ladies was…

They get me…

And I am known.

And that feeling can calm the most anxious heart.
And it is very sad to leave a place where I know so many and where I am known.   Where people think I have something to offer… where they understand I can go from silly to serious in .2 seconds.  Where we can joke about my crazy kids and not me feel embarrassed about it.  Where they treat me like a friend.

When I move, will I be understood?
Will people want to get to know me?


Ladies, thanks for a great evening! 
I will miss you all SO much!

But as one friend pointed out…
we can still stay so connected through the Blog and Facebook.
Now, if only we can convince all of them to start blogging…
Are there any sponsors out there??


And now, in all my spare time,
I am off to read Hemingway….wink, wink