Friday, May 14, 2010

These are a few of…

My Favorite Things!  Sing it with me now…

Favorite things about Greensboro, that is.
             This one goes out to all the locals.   
                          Make the most of this great city you are in!


I love our precious Downtown.  When we first married, “struggling” was an understatement for Elm Street.   I remember eating at one of the only restaurants down there called The Paisley Pineapple.

Elm Street was mainly run down buildings, a couple trashy night clubs, old antique shops, and a few random sketchy (not nice) art galleries.  And one crazy coffee shop that is still going strong today.

We have loved seeing Elm Street grow…and would stalk vacant buildings, praying a fabulous shop or restaurant would occupy the space.


And slowly but surely Elm street has been transformed. 

You’ve got restaurants, salons, designer shops,  art galleries, antique stores, a center city park, valet parking (which was of course my husband’s brilliant business idea that someone else capitalized on first…ahem) And even fabulous a minor league ball park!

I love
Cheescakes by Alex.  We first began frequenting Alex’s in 2003 when when it was just a walk up counter and Alex was the only guy there.  Now…it is a full service coffee bar and dessertery with live Jazz on the weekends.   We are known to be there almost every date night we get.  And often drop by to get a slice to go… even when having babies at the hospital. 

Boardwalks at the Bog Garden

I love the
The Bog Garden.   This is one of my favorite places to take the kids to run their wiggles out.  We see the ducks, enjoy God’s beautiful creation and they can have the freedom to run the boardwalk.   Greensboro has fabulous parks and playgrounds, and the awesome Greenway that we used to live behind.  We have thoroughly enjoyed the parks and rec here in Greensboro!

Love, Love, LOVE 
The Green Valley Grill.   If there is one place we would want to eat when we come back to visit, it would be the GVG.  Many anniversaries, Valentine’s Days, and birthdays were celebrated here, and we have never been disappointed.  A fabulous atmosphere matched with a stellar chef produces a culinary delight!

I love Target
… and the fact that I have 3 of them within 15 minutes of me.  1 within 3 minutes of my home.    And yes… Maybe I have driven around town to frequent ALL 3 of them in one day looking for the size 4 dress or a 6th cup to match a set, or scavenging the sale racks.  Yes, that would be.

I love the  Natural Science Center.  We have had a membership there for a few years which allows us to go for just 1 hour or even just 30 minutes.  And we go often…probably once a week.  We love the animals, and the play room, and the dinosaur exhibit.  And especially the show “Indiana Bones”. Many fun memories at the Science Center.

I love our church.
We have been there our whole time in Greensboro.  They have seen us in our newlywed, new parents, and preschool parenting stages.  They have become a part of our history, and we theirs.  We have seen families come and go… for good reasons and bad. 
Like most churches… we have experienced the Valley together.  And the mountain as well.   We LOVE our church.   We are known there…and they still love us.


These are just a few of my favorite things… 
And I know you must be thinking….
                 But you are moving to Washington, DC???

Yes,  Yes I am… And I am sure I will find a favorite local eatery, and some great dessert places.  And parks and museums?  I think there might just be a few (hundred) of those.   And there is a Target about 15 min (in good traffic) from us.  And a church…we are going to a fabulous church.


Yes… I will find a whole new list of favorite things.
     But for now, I am going to live it up in Greensboro these last weeks.  And I have a date tonight…. So, I’ll be seeing you at Cheesecakes by Alex later!


What are your favorite things to do in your city?
If you were moving, what would you miss?
Do you take advantage of the great local finds in your city?



  1. Great idea. Instead of loathing my city I need to embrace it and celebrate what I like. Number 1: It has 2 SUPER TARGETS!!

  2. Great Idea! I may have to do this later :)! Cheesecakes by Alex looks so cute and yummy!!

  3. Looks lovely. I love my town. Grew up here, tried to leave a few times, but something always brings me back.

    (stopping by from SITS. Happy Saturday Sharefest!)

  4. I want to live in Greensboro now! Can I take your place??! Thanks for stopping by my blog this am. I totally understand what you mean about blogging feeling like networking ssometimes instead of connecting. I'm hopingto change my approach this week, bit it won't happen overnight. Good luck with your move to DC!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog:) I have to say I live in a very boring place and I am hyper-aware of this right now because my son is bringing a friend home from college for a week and I have no idea what they will find to do that is "touristy." That said, it is a great, great place to live and raise a family. The opposite of the cliche 'a nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there.'

    BTW - I live in a Kansas suburb of Kansas City, Missouri.

  6. What an excellent idea--a way to appreciate what you have. I live in a very small town--and it's easy to get critical in terms of what it doesn't have. So I'm going to start my list today.

    Stopping by from SITS

  7. thanks for this post! I never heard of Bog Garden! We will have to check it out. We LOVE downtown Greensboro as well and mmmmm those cheesecakes by Alex! You will see me downtown every first friday of the month for Indie Market, and if you haven't yet- get a burger at Natty Greens!!! I am sad you are leaving- but you will LOVE DC!

  8. Greensboro IS awesome isn't it? We are also halfway between the beach and the mountains. Perfect!! I love Alex's!! I've had more than my fair share of their cheesecake. And, yes, I love our parks. They are so nice and we have such a variety. I enjoyed this post.
    -Libby, fellow TM'er

  9. Stopping by your blog from SITS Saturday Sharefest. I love your blog title, it's a cute idea.
    This post about your town is so great. I like you highlighted the great things about it. Makes me want to visit.

  10. We live in Gboro and we LOVE to go to Triad Stage on their "Pay What You Can" nights! Great theater at a great price in Downtown...yes, we'll take it!!


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