Monday, May 17, 2010


Would you put your baby in diapers that look like Jeans?Huggies 25 Ct Jean Diapers Jumbo Pack - Size 4 - Kimberly Clark Corp.  - Babies"R"Us


I know there are super cute cloth diapers out there…
But Jeans? Or Diapers that look like Jeans?
I already think it is wrong to put little babies in denim.
Little babies should be in soft cotton that feels like butter.
Not denim.


But I am wavering between thinking this is
A- kind of cute
B-thinking this is very very weird.


So…What say you?
Cute or weird??



  1. I saw this and think it's really odd. I'm just not sure of the point of it.

  2. I guess if I let JDaniel wander around in a diaper all day people would see them.

  3. I say that I would not prefer to use the denim style diapers however if I got them super cheap I would use them. Like if CVS had a store coupon for the denim diapers and I stacked it with a Huggies 3 manufacturer coupon and I get 2 ECB and the diapers are on sale for 8.49 to begin with. That would make a jumbo pack $2.49 and worth the silly look of the denim diapers. =)

  4. I think they could be cute for a boy if you wanted to just let him run around in a diaper, but otherwise they seem kind of pointless. And definitely on the weird side. I doubt they'll last long.

  5. I was going to leave the same comment at Josh and Carrie Anne.... there's a great coupon out.... cheap diapers are ALWAYS in style in our house! :)

  6. That is just simply hilarious..instead of making a new "style" of diaper, don't you think they could spend time, energy and money on the engineering of "longer lasting" diapers...or diapers that actually potty trained your child for you (ha!). Don't think I'd buy, seems like they could get coloring on stuff if they got "wet" on the outside.

  7. I don't think I would put those on my baby, but I don't see anything wrong with putting real jeans on a baby. In fact my 9 month old is wearing jeans today but I would not spend the extra money on diapers like that.


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