Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mother’s Day is every day…


These pictures were from a family picnic on Mother’s day. 
I have been meaning to post them for 2 weeks.


We’ve been a tad busy…
cleaning, organizing, decluttering and packing…. 
Getting our house ready to close.  
And getting our family ready to move out. 
In 2 weeks.


There is so much I want to post about.  So much I want to say.
So much I want to reflect on.
But honestly, I have very little time for that.
I barely have time to take pictures, let alone upload them.

So here, you have pictures that are 2 weeks old. 
And I know the grandparents will be thrilled about that!

So Happy Mother’s Day! 
It is Mother’s Day every day, isn’t it??

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