Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Mother’s Day Giveaway!

So… remember this poor cover-less highchair  and the great highchair showdown of 2010??  I will spare you the shots of the dirty nasty made me want to gag high chair cover. 


I mentioned this adorable Etsy shop that made fabulous highchair covers called Sewplicity.   


Well out of the blue, a few days after that post, I got an email from Jennifer at Sewplicity saying that she wanted to send me a
free high chair cover for Helen’s High Chair.   I was so excited!?

She has some fabulous fabric choices…it was SO hard for me to pick…

The pattern I picked is not on the swatch sheet anymore.
Visit the Etsy site to see the swatches a little bigger.


But I picked this gorgeous pattern called Wallflower that
I saw on another item in her store.
The High Chair cover is just amazing!  And very well made.


The fabric is thick home decorative patterns and very wipable (though still fabric, not vinyl)

It is cushioned and slipped right over the high chair.


They are even machine washable and she has sewn the washing instructions on the back of the cover.  Perfect!



The little Helenator LOVES it and is constantly turning around to see the flowers.    I love the high chair cover so much!  So much that I took her our of her highchair during lunch just to put it on the seat??Oh yes, I did!

And even better…

Sewplicity would like to offer one of YOU a
$25 gift certificate to their store!

You could buy a set of of 2 of these

Or these

Custom Trimmed Hand Towel Set

Or put the Gift Certificate towards one of these
swanky high chair covers….

Custom FISHER PRICE High Chair Cover - You Choose the Fabric

Love this! Almost got it.

Custom  PEG PEREGO Prima Pappa High Chair Cover - You Choose the Fabric

Adorable for a boy.

Custom CHICCO POLLY High Chair Cover - You Choose the Fabric

Precious in pink.
Custom GRACO Harmony High Chair Cover - You Choose the Fabric

And you know how much I LOVE Black Damask…sigh.
Are you drooling yet over how adorable your little llamas could be as they throw cheerios all over your floor?

Trust me…it makes the meal time mess more bearable when you can look at gorgeous fabric like this.

Sewplicity will make custom covers for the following High Chairs:

Fisher Price Space Saver, Chicco Polly, Graco Double Tray, Graco Neat Seat,  Graco Harmony, Evenflo Simplicty/Majestic, Eddie Bauer High Chair, Baby Trend High Chair, Peg Perego Prima Pappa, Fisher Price.

So How do you Win???

We’re making it easy folks.  Enough tweeting, subscribing, clicking, Just enter a sweet comment telling me…
1--your WORST meal time mess, and
2--which FABULOUS fabric you would love to have on your highchair.

You have until Tuesday, May 11th to enter.  Winner will be chosen Wednesday by!

1 entry per person.
This giveaway is open to US Residents aged 18 and older.

Make sure there is a way to contact you in your comment
Winners will be selected via random draw, and will notified by
e-mail.   Winner has 48 hours to get back to me, otherwise a new winner will be selected.



  1. Our worst meal time mess was a spagetti and meat ball supper. Normal enough but with multiple messy kids and on a day they both refused to nap.... let's just say even the dog was stained orange for a few days!

    I love the black damask!

  2. Black Damask for me, would look great in my kitchen...oh with 3 3 and under every meal is a could I pick.

  3. The worst mess are those gerber finger cookies that melt, they make the most disgusting mess honestly. Lolli Dot Spa is the fabric i would pick.

  4. Gosh, I can't think but I'm pretty sure it was red sauce. I don't have babies anymore, so I won't be needing a highchair cover. But I'm so glad for you that it worked out. It's adorable.

  5. Worst meal time mess was definitely Ava's 1st birthday cupcakes - there was icing and cake everywhere - not to mention the messy diapers that followed that night! Yuck!

    I would choose the Green Paisley. I love love love the girly ones, but since Jacob is the one using a high chair, I guess those are out!

  6. Thou shalt not covet, thou shalt not covet, thou shalt not covet...maybe if I tell myself this enough, I'll stop coveting your CUTE cover!!!! We have the exact same high chair and I would LOVE a new cover for it! So...thankfully I have pretty neat boys and a dog that we really should have named "Hoover" or "Dyson." Meal time is usually not too messy thanks to the dog and my hawk eye on the kids (I don't think I taste my food). My car is another story. I have found every food imaginable on the floor in the backseat due to the fact that I throw food at my kids while driving to keep them happy. Not safe, I know! The worst, though is week old milk in a sippy cup that rolled under the passenger seat - GAG!

    I would choose zoology, since I have boys, but really, really love the one you chose and some of the more "girly" patterns! Thanks for posting - I'm going to go pray now that God would take the envy from my heart :)!

  7. I LOVE that pattern you got...that's the same fabric my change purse/wallet is made out of (got it from etsy).
    I would love to enter to win this, but I don't have any good eating messes quite yet. So far, my boy has been a relatively clean eater (cause Momma's still in charge of where the food goes at this point). I know it's short-lived though! :)

  8. With three, ages three and under... let's see... there are so many, but the worst is probably spaghetti! I'd pick Playday for our mix of girls and boys.

  9. I love that you're feeling generous because I LOVE a cute fabric!

    Ok, worst meal time mess was Isaiah eating spaghetti when he was maybe 2. I didn't know any better. It was EVERYWHERE...the floor, tray, inside the seat, in his hair, all over his face.

    And I'm very much coveting the Animal Party Earth (but I've changed my mind about 20 times...they're all so cute!).

  10. I am loving those designs. Way cute. I may have to send my niece your way. Meanwhile, I am just stopping by from Twitter where I am now following you. I would so love for you to re-follow and share some coffee.

    BTW: Where was all this stuff when mine were babies? Ha!

  11. Worst mealtime mess? Once when I was pureeing green peas in my blender to make baby food, I forgot to put the lid on. Enough said. :)

    I like the Clematis pattern.

  12. Well, I don't have any meal time messes (other than spilling all over my clumsy pregnant self) to tell yet, but am sure I will once this sweet boy of mine arrives in the next week or so! :)

    They are all so cute, but I think I'd go with the Feeling Groovy Spa one for my boy. :) Love your blog, by the way!! :)

  13. Oh, those are gorgeous!

    We're out of the high chair stage, but still have lots of messes. Sometimes they're in the bathroom when someone is doing water experiements in the sink. I could sure use a couple new hand towels! Maybe in Rainy Days for our frog-themed powder room ["I wonder if frog fabric is an option?" she asked hopefully ;)]

  14. Can a man play? I'd go with the Rainy Days pattern.

    Worst mess for Logan involved spaghetti earlier this year. I snapped this pic before things got really bad. He's got a habit of flinging food once he's done eating (and the spaghetti was definitely cooked enough) so it stuck. I think he hit three walls.

  15. The mess Cole makes daily is always pretty bad. The only fruit and veggies he will allow to pass through his lips is in the form of stage two baby food. But he insists on feeding himself with a spoon. Sigh. Baby food everywhere. Thankfully we have a dog that likes to clean up spills. :)

    The zoo print is adorable. Happy Mother's Day!

  16. Worst meal time mess is when Avenell decided the yogurt was shampoo and lathered her hair really good.

    I love the "on the whim" fabric! Hope I win! Would love to have one!

  17. I like the "feeling groovy spa" pattern. Great idea!

    Lots of messes around here...we love our food :)...spaghetti sauce on the face, hair and in the ears. The worst smelling mess is lingering yogurt/ dairy smell in those same places. There is a lot of mystery stuff hiding under our high chair cover. Yikes!

  18. frances lightcapMay 10, 2010 at 12:12 AM

    fun giveaway!

    simon was sick with a stomach bug a few months ago. after a few days of the brat diet i thought he was ready for food again. and... i was wrong. after a bottle and avacado we had a huge green mushy mess all over the high chair. poor guy.

    zoology for me!

  19. would love this for one or both of my babies coming! :) so cute!!

  20. The worst mealtime mess that we've had was the aftermath of Cal figuring out that he could fit his Cheerios up his nose and they conveniently fit "just right". The result was his (thankfully RN) mama using tweezers to get the boogery and somewhat melted mess out of each of his notrils and a blow-out sneeze in the midst of the process which succesfully dislodged a good portion of the "goods", all over his Mama. :)

    So, if that was not disgusting enough.... Yuck!

    ok. so, i would def. choose the same fabric as yourself.....only cause you have the best taste ever.

    Amy Nelson

  21. worst meal time mess...when my son realized that the bowl (containing yogurt) fit on top of his head :) or when the two inside dogs became outside dogs for the summer...I never knew how much food was going to the floor until that day :)

    I like the earth animals print.


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