Sunday, May 9, 2010

Loving my Swagger Wagon

I have seen this spreading like wildfire…  If you are a mom who drives a mini-van Swagger Wagon, you will LOVE this!


I have shared in the past about my love for my van… I once said “I would never drive a mini van” .  But, oh the times have changed.  

I have converted my SUV loving neighbor and mom of 3 children to a Van… and she is thanking me.  And I am currently working on my newest Mini van convert…it might just be you.


So what’s your favorite thing about YOUR Swagger Wagon?  The multiple seats, enormous amounts of storage, the automatic doors?
Are you SUV drivers drooling yet? 

Oh, but you SUV drivers taunt your “third row seat” is SO great… Really?  Really???  Keep telling yourself that… especially when you only have room for a gallon milk in the trunk and 1 bag of groceries.   Oh…you will dream of a Swagger Wagon tonight my friends.  

I love my van. 
And I am proud to say that.

And am I avoiding the fact that I am moving in 4 weeks?
Yes. …More to come on that.  But for right now…
A little laughter is sometimes needed to heal the soul.


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  1. I'm currently chuckling - with my husband beside me sighing...I want a van, he wants a SUV (after seminary, of course). The Toyota Sienna is my DREAM car! Loved this post! Andrew did, too, though he won't admit it! :)

  2. What fun! I haven't moved to the wagon yet!

  3. This made me laugh so hard I got tears in my eyes. I am proud to admit I love my swagger wagon too! ha ha! :)

  4. I just did a whole post praising your potty training boot camp! You, my friend, are a genius!

  5. A picture of the video was in the email and I was able to click it and it took me to you tube. How did you do that?

    when I embed a video it doesn't show up in my email feed.

    I watched the whole thing! Very funny and I think effective. I won't be surprised to see my swagger wagons on the road.

  6. I love a good laugh! Luke and I just rocked it out to the video. And now I'm trying to be content with our Avalon. I want a Swagger Wagon!


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