Monday, May 24, 2010

Keep it or Toss it?

That is the question we are asking almost every day…
If you guessed earlier that I was cleaning out a Junk Drawer—
you were right on the money! 
I dumped the whole drawer out and tried to lay it out in some organized fashion… let’s just say, there was no organizing this mess.


Charlotte came in and said “you are going to be in so much trouble when Daddy sees this mess”

Then she joined the fun…


You know…
since everyone needs 5 screwdrivers in their junk drawer


Or approximately 50 pens and markers…
Yet somehow we never can find a pen.
And though we never use highlighters…
there are about 12 of them. 

Fish bowl treatment for the fish we had and now is no longer.
And matches…which aren’t supposed to be in a drawer that is within reach of my 3 and 4 year old.


Some paint can openers.
Because you never do know when in the middle of making chicken parm you might need to pop open a can of paint.
Or 3 cans, for that matter.


Electrical tape…for all those MacGyver moves…in the kitchen.
And Dental floss…that should not be used by anyone. Ever.


A 3 prong adapter.  from when we moved in almost 4 years ago.
There were no 3 prongs in the house. 
(hence the electrical tape?)


A paci--- for an almost 15m old who hasn’t taken a paci a single day in her life.  (Though she would play with them like rattles)
And we all want our babies playing with pacis that have been sitting with junk---fishbowl chemicals, matches, pens, etc.  


Left over was a drawer full of candles from birthdays and stickers from potty training.  And trash. 


I did come across this pen. 
A shout out to the friend who inspired me to write this post.
Little did she know that this pen from her wedding was sitting in my junk drawer…it is one of my favorite pens…and is not junk.


So those were a few of my favorite things found in the drawer above.  We also had glue, craft paint, hand sanitizer, batteries, chargers, instructions, menus, chip clips, hair clips, staples for my staple gun, tape, extra straws for sippy cups.

But no $100 dollar bills.   What’s up with that??

How does this happen?

So..What about YOU??
What’s in YOUR junk drawer?
Go take a look and comment with your funniest or most embarrassing thing in your junk drawer.