Sunday, May 2, 2010

I am not in Denial

It’s really happening… 

I haven’t talked much on my blog about our upcoming move to Washington, DC… because it has been an “upcoming move” now for about a year….it has been a dream or an idea for over 3 years.
            Or maybe I have been in Denial.

But we are moving to Washington, DC

3 1/2 years ago made an offer on this house… I was 4 months pregnant with Carson….and we were in  DC on one of our first investigation trips. (ironic..or providential?)

The house needed a LOT of love and upgrading, and we had the heart and the hands (we work with college students…no brainer) to do it.    (I hope to share some fun pics with you in the coming weeks)

Back in the fall of 2006, we would talk about the year 2010-2011
as a possible DC ministry launch date and it seemed so far off. 

It was just a dream, a vision…a what if
Then the “what if” turned it to a possible… 
       then a probable…
             then a plan….
                    And then we put our house on the market.

Well…it is 2010 folks.  And it got here in the blink of an eye.

And we are moving to Washington, DC

We have been praying for months that God would bring the right buyer at the right time.    And last week He did.   Our launch date has been Early June, but we were beginning to think it may be bumped to late June.  And then all it took was one buyer…who saw on house on Monday, made an offer on Wednesday and we signed a contract on Thursday. 

Yes, we are moving to Washington, DC
In approximately 5 weeks 3 days…Give or take a few.

This will be my home soon ( maybe not THIS home)

I have a lot to do in the next 5 weeks. 
I am a roller coaster of emotions…Dave is loving that!





dreaming of what’s to coming

remembering all that’s been



good anxious

not so good anxious

sad to leave

ready to go

I am looking forward to sharing our journey with you… 
-Of how I managed to show our house over 30 times in the past 3 months, with 3 children. 
-Of what I am going to miss about Greensboro
-Of my process of leaving and going. 
                      (do you pick up on the difference)
-Of what we have done to this house to make it our home

-Of my thoughts on earthly belongings and how this world is not our home…thoughts of storing up your treasures in heaven

-Of thoughts on schooling decisions

I have lots to share… but it may not be your light hearted Little Llamas all the time.   Though I promise to throw in a little bit of Llama Laughs to lighten it up.   And I have a great Giveaway coming up soon!

And I also reserve the right to check out at a certain point when things becoming too much to handle.

So the count down is on…
And I promise I am NOT in denial. 

We are moving to Washington, DC.
These Little Llamas are about to embark on Life on the Hill.



  1. Carrie, I so understand what you are going through. When we left Texas to come to Greensboro, I was such a bundle of emotions. Even when you know you are going to a place where God has called you, it's still hard because you don't love the people there... YET and you love the people here NOW! :)
    We're going to miss y'all!

  2. From our 2 moves in the last 3 years I learned how faithful God is. Not that God should have to prove his faithfulness, but we were just so amazed by how He prepared a place for us and answered our prayers. My biggest prayers were for a church home, godly friends, and a great neighborhood with good neighbors, and He answered those desires above what we could have imagined! It will be exciting to see how he provides a place for your family too!

  3. Thanks for sharing your myriad of emotions. I know God made us with emotions but I sometime want to deny them.

    I'm glad you are following the Lord and moving to DC. I'm sure there will be tears of joy and sadness and we'll cry with you through your posts.

    I love this verse in times like this I Cor. 10:13 God is faithful to help you bear what He has called you to do.

    Love you!


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