Thursday, May 20, 2010


I am not good with the goodbyes and this kind of feels like the never ending send-off.  I am sure my friends are thinking “has this lady moved yet?? just go ahead and move already” 

But it is so hard to say goodbye to our life here.  We have made a history here.   We can look back on the great faithfulness God has shown us in our years here.    And though sad….we can look back on His great kindness and be comforted to know…. He will do it again.

We had a special time celebrating last night with some great friends.   We were surprised with dessert with a group of local alumni who all were involved with our ministry while in college.  They are all members with us at our local church now.  
                 Worshipping….ministering…living out the Gospel.   

Some of them as students who were not walking with God 8 years ago….that is The Gospel in Action.  The Power of God to save! 
It was so neat to remember the early days of meeting these 18 year olds their freshman year…

And now they have Graduated….
                 Gotten married…

And some of them have children in the nursery with our own…  

(the above picture is 3 1/2 years old, but it is SO precious!)

We stand amazed at all God has done in the lives of students over the the past 10 years.  And we ask that He do it again in DC! 

We’ll probably be going to a lot of Goodbye dinners, Fairwell mom’s nights, and Send off play groups this next month.  But this was by far one of the most memorable.  To be reinded of all that God has done in the lives of students… who are now our peers and close friends.   Priceless.

When people wonder 
             Why are you selling your home and moving to DC.  
             Is it really worth it?

We will remember that room last night…and SO many others who weren’t in that room.  And know…with no doubt in our minds…

That this Goodbye is Totally Worth it.
Do it again Lord!



  1. Good luck! Moving is never easy, but you will make amazing connections wherever you go.

  2. What a sweet post, Carrie. It sounds like you guys will be dearly missed as well. And I have to ask, who is the girl on the left with you in the wedding picture...because I'm pretty sure she was in my cousin's wedding too. I remember meeting a bridesmaid in her wedding who was in CO and was doing a bible study with her. Looks JUST like her!


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