Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Art Therapy

Recently, Charlotte came upstairs and brought me a “story” that she drew.  She came up with the whole thing herself. 
And I am not sure who it was more therapeutic for…her or me.

IMG_6624 This is our family… moving to DC.
Getting in our Van.

Don’t you love how she used purple for the girls and blue for the boys?  And how I am “holding” Helen? Too cute!


   And this is the train (metro) we will ride in DC


And this will be our house. The houses there are tall and skinny.
And the houses are right next to the church.


She has no idea how much this has encouraged my heart. 
I want to frame that last picture.  
She gets it.  I think she really gets it. 

Maybe I need to pick up the crayons….
And have a little art therapy myself.