Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Your Sunday Best

Okay—this is Easter-Palooza Part 2--
The last installment of Easter Pics…I promise.
Make sure to check out Eggstravangaza Part 1 and Part 2
and Easter-Palooza Part 1.

But I also have a little message for you at the end.
So make sure to read till the end…
Don’t let those cute llamas distract you!

All dressed up in our Sunday Best

This was not the best picture of me…where are my eyes?
But it’s the only one where all children are looking at the camera.

Our 3 Little Llamas ready for church

The Handsomest little man ever

All the cousins
Poor Carson Man is the lone ranger of this group of girls


The Little Easter Lilies

Mama and her Easter Baby

I mean, she is one cute bunny!
Yes… we were all decked in our Sunday Best, indeed.
But what does it really mean to wear your Sunday Best??

Does Jesus really care what we wear to church?
I think the answer is No
Though I do think it is honoring to the King to show up
in a manner worthy of worshipping Him. 

More importantly, I think He cares more about
what our heart is wearing…
Humility, Worship, Faith, Trust, Joy, Hope, Kindness, Love
I believe that Jesus’ fashion choice for “Sunday Best”
would be a “Suit of the Spirit
(I know that was super cheesy)

So, more than our Sunday Best,
He cares about our Monday best, and our Thursday best….
What are you “wearing” on those days? 


It was nice when we all got out of our Sunday Best,
and enjoyed a nice Family lunch together…
Warlick-Russell Fam
What was even better was that even though
we had changed clothes…
We still had our “Sunday Best” on in our hearts

Because being a Christian isn’t about donning your best church attire.  It’s about walking the walk, and living out Christ to those around you.  My Faith in Christ isn’t just something I do on Sunday…it is who I am…every day of the year. 

So, What about you…today?
Do you have on your “Wednesday best”?

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  1. Beautiful photos! Did you get the little man's outfit from The Children's Place? It reminds me of the colors in my daughters dress from there.

    Also, thank you for your feedback on my blog. That was EXACTLY what I was looking for. I appreciate it!

    ~Debra at

  2. Hey there! Coming over from SITS.

    Beautiful children and wonderful Sunday Bests'.

    Much more fancy than what I wore on Sunday! And yes, she is an adorable bunny. :)

  3. Thanks for becoming my 20th follower!! Yah... A major milestone!!

    Your pics are beautiful. And what a great reminder- it's not what's on the outside, but what's on the inside. In the frazzled rush of life we often times forget what's really important. Thanks.

  4. Thanks for visiting me! So true. What a beautiful family!

  5. Visiting from SITS!

    At the risk of sounding like others - You have a beautiful family!!

    You also have an adorable blog! I'll be visiting more often! :-)

  6. Okay so I just have to know...where did you find that adorable yellow sweater vest? That must be the most popular sweater vest ever made. I have three other friends that all dressed their boys in it Easter Sunday. Too cute! Also, mind if I steal your Easter-Palooza title? I still have tons of pics to post myself.

  7. I agree, very cute family. I think you have a good message as well! I will be visiting more often.

  8. Gorgeous! Thanks for the reminder. Was wearing "rags" today! (And after all that Holy Week preparation too!) Have a wonderful week girl!

  9. What a lovely family you have!! I have 3 too and it looks like I'm coming to you for tips; how did you keep everyone so composed and clean for pictures??
    Thank you for reminding me that our "Sunday Best" is for Him, and when we remember that everyday, we live our lives with Joy and Love:)

  10. That dog rules and is putting on his Sunday best. Love it. Gorgeous fam.

  11. christieromine@gmail.comApril 7, 2010 at 6:04 PM

    Love the pics of your beautiful fam CP! Trying my best everyday clothe myself in the attributes of Christ and always wear "my Sunday best". Loved your blog.


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