Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Sunday Slow down

Hope you are enjoying the beautiful spring day
               Unless you live in PA with my mom where she said it was SNOWING the other day… ummm…yuck.

The birds chirping, flowers blooming, windows open…and children napping has been fab-u-lous this afternoon. 

I read a great blog post on Not having a Hasty Heart  and not being so rushed all the time.  It was nice on this quiet, relaxing Sabbath to remind myself that I do not have to (and should not) live a frenzied life during the week. 

What can I do to slow down? 
               To Enjoy the day… my children, my husband?   
                                       To be able to hear God speak into my life?

Do you have a Hasty Heart?

Lord, Help me to slow down!   I don’t want to wish away the days.

**After posting this, a blog friend, Jennifer over at the Toy Box Years said she had posted something similar… are any more of you feeling this way?  Please share!

Jennifer said it perfectly:

Sometimes, I feel that being a mom gets in the way of being a mom - if that makes sense. I get so wrapped up in laundry, cleaning, cooking that I forget to take the time to read, color, play.

Yes!  that is exactly what I feel.  So busy…so much going on, that i am always in a rush.  Too busy being a mom, to be a mom.   Thanks Jennifer!


Oh…And I don’t want to make you “hasty”…
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  1. I just wrote a post about this today. Mostly about slowing down and taking the time to appreciate my kids before they grow up and don't want to hang out with me anymore.

    I just wish I could remember to slow down more often!

  2. What a wonderful reminder! Thanks!

  3. I do try not to get caught up in frenzied 'must be doing something' kind of life and I do like it, however sometimes I wonder if I'm missing out.

    Everyone else I know is just too busy.

    I like my time not being hair raising frenzied though. Now I just need to make time to sit and listen to God.

    I know ...feel that when my kids begin school I'll be busy so why be in a rush now you know.

    Let's enjoy the days and not just let them fly past.


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