Monday, April 26, 2010

Spit on This--- Dirty Smelly Anything

Let me start off my explaining that I should have been a nurse. 
I can handle yucky things.  I can handle bodily fluids… but preferably not all at once from all children at the same time.

What I can not handle is extremely Dirty Smelly Things and especially when I do not know how it got dirty and smelly.

            *Let me warn you now…
that if you are eating, or have a faint stomach,

you may just want to not scroll down*

Enter the current dilemma we experienced recently…


Day 1-- Give Helen her first whole graham cracker… this will keep her busy.  Also try and give her whole milk again (she is my only milk protester)  Great snack time.  She woofed the graham cracker down and surprisingly drank half her milk.  SO excited that we might be turning the milk corner.  (enter foreshadowing music here)

Day 2-- I was cleaning up the dining room , when I began smelling a horrible putrid smell.  Must be a dirty diaper, from a well fed baby. 

Nope… maybe just a gassy baby.    Baby changed anyway, dining room cleaned, and we were out the door running errands.

Smelled the smell later and just couldn’t put my finger on it.  I had spilled coffee earlier and figured maybe I hadn’t mopped the floor adequately…re-clean the floor.

Day 3--  Working on the blog when I catch another whiff of something not so pleasant.  I decide to go on a cleaning frenzy. 

Enter the great Highchair show down of 2010… 
        And my kryptonite in regards to my gag reflex…
                          Beyond Nasty Dirty Smelly Anything

After much investigation, I believe the smell is actually coming from her high chair.   I lift the seat cover and the smell just fumigates the room.  I have discovered the guilty party. 
                 And I am about to pass out. 

Underneath this vinyl seat pad, was hiding the smelliest yuckiest slime I have ever encountered….


After literally holding my breath for minutes at a time,
I get the seat cover off and out side. 


Only to discover that the smell is a the remnants of a the ENTIRE whole graham cracker drenched in milk…
now sitting there putrefying for 3 days.  

My guess is she dropped/hid the graham cracker then was shaking her sippy cup so hard that milk was coming out. 


The result is one highchair cover in the trash, and one mama who experienced a smell so horrible no one should
ever have to encounter it again.


And one highchair a little less padded now for my little llama.


Good news—I found an Etsy site that sells highchair covers for my exact high chair.  Adorable!

Bad news—I could buy a new high chair for the price of the custom cover… but they are adorable!
(I can appreciate that labor and skill are worth money…
it’s just not in my budget)


So there you have it folks. 
Mama Llama’s Spit on This moment of the past week.

So here’s the PSA (public service announcement) ---
If you smell a yucky smell, don’t wait 3 days
to check underneath your highchair cover.



  1. haha o wow. that is always a fun surprise. :) yay for finding an etsy shop! that's perfect.

  2. Too funny. Gotta love those nasty mommy moments. I'm with you though- time for a new one.

  3. that really is so stenchy, nasty, and stinky!!! thank goodness it didn't sit a day longer! i know the highchair cover would be super adorable, but hey, at least this way the highchair will be way easier to clean and never again will the stench be able to hide!


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