Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our little girl is growing up

She sure is.

She is beginning to talk about serious things
and ask hard questions.
which I reserve the right to defer to her daddy…
some of these questions are way above my pay grade


Her latest hang-up is over getting old and dying….


Me—Well, we all die.  But hopefully you won’t die until you are old.  Like really old… married and with babies, and grandbabies of your own.

Episode over… right?
Oh no…I made it worse.

Charlotte--But I don’t want to grow up, or get married or ever have children.  I just want to be a kid forever. 
(insert drama and lots of tears… 
                throwing herself on the couch weeping)

She had one of these episodes one night where she asked me if I was going to die… Since we are not supporters of lying to our children about these sorts of things, I explained the reality of death again…and that yes I would die. But God willing, it would be when I am an OLD OLD woman. 

Her concern…

 But if you die, who will cook our dinner?

Let’s just say I had to bite my tongue not to say something really mean to her. Really?  Is that all I am worth?  Dinner?


Our most recent deep convo was about marriage.
Light preschool dinner conversation, huh?
When I grow up I am going to marry Carson 

We’ll save that llama-drama meltdown for another day…
when I have time to explain the reasons of why she
cannot marry her brother. 


Oh, deep thinker, at the ripe old age of 4.
How am I going to keep up with all your hard questions?
And how on earth did we get from here….
to here

You’re growing up…
And this Mama Llama is trying to keep up with you


So, how do you answer the hard questions from your children?
Do you skirt the issue, or lay it out straight. 
How do you address their inability to handle the truth?



  1. last year we had 2 deaths in our family circle and ever since my then 3 yr old she is now 4 is Obsessed with when she is going to die or when her daddy or brother or anyone is goin to die.. i try to redirect her thoughts but she is relentless..

  2. simplicity...repetition...and chalk it up as a funny memory (except for the melt-down part). our two year old recently helped our beta fish (dorothy) to meet her death early. our four year old was very upset when we explained death to her. although we're not sure if pets really go to heaven, it was reassuring to her that jesus is dorothy's caretaker instead of her sister. it did not result in a major melt down, but we have had lots of conversations about death and now when she's hungry she tells me, "i'm going to die i'm so hungry". what would you call this carrie, "llama drama"?

  3. I'm not there yet but I'm beginning to hear stories like this from my friends.

    The photos of her are really well done. Did you use a DSLR?

    I'm trying to make social icons but I've already used 30 min and not much to show. tech stuff is just not my thing but I'm persisting:)

  4. Would you be offended if I used the same social media icons as you?

  5. Austin is also very upset and constantly asks me if he is going to die and sometimes asks about us dying. At this point, the promise of heaven isn't sufficient for making him feel better, but that's what we try to do. I try to tell him the truth and reassure him that God is going to take care of us - whether we're here or in heaven. Good luck with the marriage thing - Austin wants to marry Matthew too :o)

  6. We always tell the truth to our kids even if we have to sugar coat it. Our dog recently died so we had to explain death and dying. We told Julie that he was really, really old and it was time for him to go to Heaven. She was sad at first but now she's happy that he's with Jesus.


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