Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mommy Hangover


Please excuse me.
             No… I haven’t been drinking.

Yes… I promise I did graduate high school. 

I even graduated college.

I once had a brain. 

I once could sleep for more than 4 hours without being woken up.

I once could actually shower in the morning, and go to the bathroom without a cheering section…or a small child actually on my lap.

I used to have significant things to say--- about significant matters.

I promise I used to be more Spiritual.

but now…


Now, I am just sorry. 

If I can’t seem to put together an intelligent sentence…please don’t judge me.  I promise I do have something to say…I just can’t remember even simple words sometimes.

If I don’t keep eye contact the whole conversation… it is not that i don’t care what you are saying… I just need to make sure my 3 little llamas are still alive and in the building.

And If I walk by you and am in a groggy daze…
             Really, I haven’t been drinking.  
                                         And I am not ignoring you. 

I just have a mommy hangover.

And I probably just drove the entire way here listening to 
            “mama, mommy, ma-ma-ma, Mommmmmmie, 
              MAH- meeee”

I am a recovering mommy….
                 though I am not sure I am recovering…
                                         or if I ever will recover. 

And though it’s definitely taken it’s toll on my mind and body…
 I am not sure I want to recover. 
      Cause this whole “mommy brain” is totally worth it.

So, do you have any home remedies out there
for a Mommy Hangover??

Other than the 3 cups of coffee I have already had this morning.



  1. Great post...I can totally relate! :o)

  2. I think a tall glass of sweet tea and a nap for everyone works!

  3. I 2nd the Nap thing...and a little Me Time. Here's the link to a great post that may help,

    ...and now, I will go get rid of my Mommy Hangover...well, not now, but maybe tonight around 9 PM...and there lies the problem :)

    Good Post!

  4. oh boy, can so relate!! the part about never having eye contact is so true! I always wonder if people think I'm not listening to them and often apologize for not looking at them just in case. I definitely have mommy hangover!!

  5. Yes! I don't think there is a Mommy out there who doesn't relate! But you sound smarter than you think.

    By the way, we are going to try to potty train on Tuesday! Whew! I'm tired already!

  6. Visiting from WFMW- this was great! I wish I had a remedy. I even put three kids down for "naps" at the same time and can't get a nap in myself, even when laying down on my bed. *sigh* I'm just looking forward to a full night's sleep again.

  7. Ah yes, I can sadly relate to the shower (or lack there of)

    Bacardi Rum is my remedy for a Mommy Hangover, but then you may have to deal w/ a whole other kind of hangover.

  8. I just read this and thought, "exactly!" I love reading your blog Carrie. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and life moments with all of us.

  9. Rest. Physical and spiritual rest..."come to me all who are weary". I can totally relate to the foggy brain and fatigue that caffeine can cure. So, my remedy...get a babysitter (who will fold laundry) and rest. Love you!

  10. A glass of wine...sometimes the "mommy brain" causes my mind to race in a million directions at once, and a glass of wine calms my thoughts down enough to have a relaxing and intelligent conversation with my husband.

  11. love this. i'm so with you. and i only have 1 baby! i am guessing it gets a bit worse with each one. but yes, it's totally worth it!!!

  12. I love this and even after two kids and almost twelve years of motherhood later I still feel like I'm living the mommy hangover. I thought that after they got out of the toddler stages life would get easier. No, it's just different in so many ways. But, I wouldn't change it for the world.


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