Thursday, April 29, 2010

Llama Loves--I am a Lover of Baby Wearing.

I will be the first to admit that I am far from 
an attachment parent.  I don’t do extended breastfeeding, I don’t co-sleep, I do believe in spanking….



Charlotte at 7 months
In the New Native
(too big on me, but it was our first sling)





However, one thing I LOVE is baby wearing.

Carson at 4 months in the New Native
(it worked better in the cradle position for me)

Carson in sling

  I branched out and bought a ring sling – which I LOVED
(FYI—the shoulder of a ring sling really should be spread out over your shoulder more, and not so far up on my neck)


And then I bought a 2nd hand buckle tai for $20 as I knew I wasn’t going to be into the tying of a regular mai tai.   
It was a great little carrier…  but not super easy for me to use.


Then against all odds I won an Ergo in a raffle. 
I remember entering my $5 thinking… that was just a waste.
And then I won!   I wish I had video taped my response.
Not that I endorse gambling of any sort.



With Baby #3, I was grabbing carriers left and right. 
But my trusty ring sling is my favorite for newborn froggy holds.


But it didn’t take long to be able to pop Helen in the Ergo
(With big babies like mine, I passed on the infant insert and just froggy’d their legs until they could pop them out)


We still occasionally grab the ring sling,
though the arching of the back tantrum is not too compatible
with this sling


For now, we love our Ergo and it is like
calming waters to this restless little llama.   
At 14 months I am milking the baby wearing as long as I can

I will be SO sad when my Baby Wearing days are over.

If you are new to baby wearing,
I would recommend you check out the following sites: – Guide to Baby Wearing is a great site with information as well as slings to buy

The Baby Wearer—is a forum with information on ALL kinds of slings and carriers.  But also a For Sale Forum where you can usually find
a used carrier, and sell your used carriers.  (but I warn you…there are some SERIOUS baby wearers on that site…it is overwhelming to me at times.  So I recommend going in with a carrier in mind to ask about.

Friends and strangers—the best way to learn about a carrier is to ask someone who is wearing it and see if you can borrow it, or try it on.  I remember when I had just had Charlotte I was in Walmart and I asked a stranger about her sling and she asked if I want to try “it” on…  Babywearers are usually very excited about their slings.  So ask them! 

What is your favorite Baby Carrier??


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  1. You know I love my Moby but next time I will definitely try a Ring Sling.

  2. Yes ma'am!!!!! I could not love baby-wearing more!! I will be devastated the day my boy is too big! We have a bjorn & a moby & love them both!!!

  3. You were nominated for a Sunshine Reward! Check it out here. :)

    Happy Blogging!

  4. I LOVE MY ERGO! I use it all the time! Brandon really prefers to be in that rather than ride in the grocery cart, so I use it a lot when shopping. I can wear it for about an hour before my shoulders get sore, which is pretty amazing. I haven't put him on my back with it yet, but it's probably about time I try that. I also have a Moby, which I loved when he was a newborn. Once I got the hang of wrapping it, I could do it so quickly and easily. I also have a Maya wrap (ring sling) that I never really got the hang of and didn't use. Maybe I'll try it for baby #2. I definitely love baby wearing too!

  5. I loved my Bjorn carrier, does that count:) I honestly don't think I could figure out one of those pieces of fabric and ring things. I if I did, I would be too afraid of messing it up and dropping the baby. I have issues!

  6. I have a Moby and I like it fine, but tying the thing is a little too time consuming for me... I also had a Peanut Shell but it was too small on me so it only worked when he was teeny tiny! My cousin gave us her Snugli which is great cuz my husband will wear it!

    It looks like you've tried them all so next time (although I guess it's not TOO late, Oliver's only 6 months) I'll get a ring sling or Ergo!

  7. We just got an Ergo a few weeks ago and I use it everyday on my 5K walk plus whilst running errands, I'm planning a TILT post on it too hehe. I also have a wrap which I love and a baby Bjorn synergy which I like much much less.

  8. I didn't baby wear with my first, and I'm so sorry I didn't! I did with my second and used the Nojo carrier. I LOVED it! I had two -- one in the house and one in the car.

    Hubby keeps saying that I want a third just to baby wear!

  9. I had a similar baby holding experience... I started off with my first kid loving the new native... than moved to the ergo... and I've loved the ergo forever!! I love love the moby for infants, and I have a great zolo ring sling for the summer that can go in the pool, isn't too hot and has spf in it... LOVE it! I've been wearing babies for 6 years now (that's just crazy to me!). I'm going to be really sad when I can't anymore.

  10. I love my ergo, but I really want a ring sling, just do not know which one, and trying to find somewhere to try them on! Found you on the D-list, new follower!

  11. I think you're funny- nice to read after a morning of cleaning up throw-up. ;) Anyway, we loved our Ergo, but I found it was not super-fun for my son when it went on my back- he much preferred a backpack carrier so he could see over my head. I also enjoyed a friend's hip hammock for when they're hip babies. We also live in Scotland right now, so we do a ton of castle-hopping, which involves a lot of baby-wearing. ;)

  12. Thanks for your return visit! My husband immediately recognized your DC group- hope you enjoy it!!

    I meant to mention that we LOVE all the Llama LLama books- this past week we were surrounded by llamas- we watched Emperor's New Groove (not totally appropriate for our kids, I know) and then we fed llamas at this Scottish petting zoo. Very fun!!

  13. You know we don't do attachment parenting and do spank just like you guys but I love wearing a baby as much as you! Addison loved the ring sling as a baby but now she like the hot sling better. I like it better too right now although at 20 months and 25 pounds we don't use it very often anymore but I do keep it in the car still!

    I'm excited about the good news!! Although, we will miss you guys. Let's have some DC playdates!!!

  14. Found you FF. I would love to try sling carrying. There are pics of my in a backpack on my dad's back. :)

  15. I found you through Friday Follow. I love my Ergo! Now that my little one is 22 months old, I wish we could use it more. We do still use it, especially when traveling and we plan to continue using it for a while. Being able to put her on my front or back really makes it versatile. I don't know what I would do without it!

  16. I love my Moby Wrap! It took some practice but once I got the hang of it it was perfect for being able to play with the big sister.

    We had a Bjorn for Ellie and it killed my back after she was more than 8 lbs. It is quick and easy to put on though!

  17. Visiting and following from Friday Follow. Oh wow, how precious are your kiddos. You and your hubby are a cute couple, too. We didn't have baby wearing when my kids were young, but wish we did.

    Hope you’re having a great weekend thus far.

    ~ Lynn


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