Monday, April 5, 2010

Eggstravaganza Part 1

I have SO many great pictures to share with you from the past week that I have got to do it in a couple of posts throughout this week.   SO… Eggstravaganza Part 1 includes our adventures at the church easter egg hunt.


On our way to the hunt (with our neighbor/best friend in tow)


The children learning the Gospel Message


Look Ma…we found some!
I have to admit…my kids are super egg hunters.


Cutest little Easter egg hunters ever!

IMG_6225 IMG_6227

Are they all looking?  Almost.


Bestest Friends.


I have had these pics for over a week and just totally forgot to post them.  Stay tuned for Eggstravaganza Part 2 and 3…as I have a ton of pics from this weekends Eggstravaganza Festivities.


And Stay tuned…
I have a great review and Giveaway coming up this week as well as an opportunity to get a coupon for a free pack of yogurt.
I don’t know about you…but FREE is awesome!

I can’t wait to visit you all and see your great Easter Pics from the weekend and be jealous about how your kids actually look at the camera when directed! 



  1. free, is indeed the best kind of stuff! the pictures are precious... your kiddos are cuties! glad you had a wonderful easter celebration!

  2. Stopping from SITS! What a great Easter!

  3. Happy Easter!! looks like you and your kids had real fun.... Stopping by from SITS!

  4. They are SO cute! I'm glad you had such a happy Easter!

    (Stopping by from SITS!)


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