Monday, March 29, 2010

What is the Gospel?

So, what exactly is the Gospel?
The Good News?
                    God So Loved the World?
                                          Love and Mercy for the Poor?

Many people have a different definition of the Gospel.  And this week, especially, I think it is important to know clearly what the Bible tells us about the Gospel Message.   Why did Jesus die?  Was that really necessary?  Is it really important that he rose from the dead?  Yes, yes, and yes. 

But if you are a Christian, surely you understand what the Gospel means, correct?  Well, I hope so. 
But unfortunately, there many in the evangelical world that have VERY differing views on what the Gospel is.  Many who are a promoting a gospel (little “g” intended”) that is really no Gospel at all (Galatians 1:7, 2 Timothy 4:3-4)

Jesus wasn’t just a good teacher
Jesus didn’t just come to help the poor
The Gospel is more than “love your neighbor”
Jesus death on the Cross is a crucial part of the True Gospel message.
If Jesus did not raise from the dead, we have no hope that we will either.
Jesus Calls us to be more than just “good people” and calls us to share with people a message that is more than just a “God Loves you” Gospel

So, here is the Gospel as I believe it
No… as the Bible teaches me to believe it:

God created us, in His image, to have a relationship with Him, to worship and obey Him Forever. But because of sin (or turning away from God), we are unable to do that on our own.  Sin causes a separation between us and God. 

God in his Justice, says that our sin deserves a punishment—and that punishment is death.  Yet in God’s great Love and Kindness, He sent His son Jesus to earth to live the perfect life we could not live. Jesus died on the Cross as a substitute to pay the penalty for our sin that we might have a right standing with God.

Jesus died on the cross for our sins and rose from the dead and extends new life to all those who would turn from sin and put their faith in Christ, that they might live forever with Him.

Is the Gospel new to you?  Are you a little fuzzy about what you think the Gospel is?  Or are you crystal clear on the Gospel and want a little encouragement? 

I highly recommend this book to you…

What Is the Gospel? (Ixmarks)

What Is the Gospel?  by Greg Gilbert is a small little book that packs a big message of truth.  I have just started reading this, and am already so encouraged.  

So, as we start this Holy week meditating on the Death and Resurrection of Christ, let us center our hearts on the true Biblical Message of why He came and died…and what it is we really believe. 

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