Friday, March 26, 2010

Weekly Wrap up

Here are few things I have learned this week…

Call it an evaluation, a “lesson learned” post, a “things I love” post, or random thoughts… but here it is. 

  Putting a packet of lemonade Kool-Aid in the dishwasher (not a sweetened lemonade and NO other flavor) really does work to clean your Dishwasher so it doesn’t smell like rotten eggs.  Nothing worse than clean dishes that smell like rotten egss, huh?  A packet of Lemonade drink mix does the job.   I have seen this suggestion for years and finally tried it.  It works.


2-- I love Mrs. Meyer’s Lemon Verbena Kitchen Spray. 

And it’s on sale right now at Target for $2.99 .  I also grabbed the Basil dish soap.  And went back and got the Lemon Verbena hand soap this afternoon.    I also LOVE Caldrea, especially the Sea Salt Spray…but at $9.99 a bottle, I just can’t swing it. But if you want to feel like you are among the wealthy and that your house is really somewhere in Martha’s Vineyard or The Hamptons…. Caldrea can totally make you believe those things.   But Mrs. Meyers…you have won me over.  My kitchen and my nose thanks you. 


3--  I am really great at coming up with plans and activities, and even blogging about them. But not so good about implementing them.  We will  start our Lenten Lights tomorrow night though.  We will. 


4 -- I like Night Gowns.  I know…weird.   But I love nightgowns.

Pomina Long Sleeve Gown

I don’t have many, but I found an old one of mine that is similar to the one above (I am not kidding) and I fell in love all over again!  The cotton is so soft it is like butter.  I have another little strappy nightgown from Target but it doesn’t compare to this gem of a nightgown.  This nightgown is the essence of motherly femininity…
And I am on the hunt for more nightgowns… ones that aren’t frumpy, but still practical and not too “lingerie” like.  (not that I don’t have lingerie… ahem…I have plenty)


5-- I have a screecher.
                  Screecher = baby who screeches. 
I always thought “I will never be that mom…who has a screechy baby” .  Well folks…Helen is a screecher.   If she is not eating or sleeping, she wants me to hold her, and if I do not comply I get screeches.  Screeches when she wants more crackers, screeches when she wants down, when she wants up…lots and lots of screeches.   I am that mom with a screechy baby. Pray for me. 
              We have coined a phrase “Helen, Helen stop that yellin”

**PS--The people at the nursery say Helen never screams there.  Of course she doesn’t… You hold her, feed her, play with her, give her your undivided attention, fill the room with 8 other playmates…yeah, that’s not happening here.

6 -- When applying Self Tanner… when it says to use sparingly on elbows and knees… listen to the bottle.. They should also mention ankles.  Second… exfoliate before hand.  There is no need to have tan dry skin.   Also, be careful to get all of the tops of your feet, other wise you will look really weird.  Not that I know any of this from first hand.   At least I am not getting taxed on my self tanning lotion

7 -- Thankful for the way God uses other bloggers to speak to me.  Been really chewing on a few things lately and God used a few women to take the words right out of my mouth. Can’t wait to share a little (or a lot) of what God is teaching me in this time. 
All about moving, mothering, blogging, identity/calling, and just simply being.  But this week I am processing and celebrating the Resurrection. 


So there you have it.  A little Weekly Wrap up. 
Have a great Weekend!



  1. #1. I'm going to Target today- gonna grab Meyer stuff....sounds "yummy"
    #2. I LOVE that you wear a nightgown. I wear them too, but more like the strappy kind.
    #3. I am petrified of having a screecher, but it sounds like even the best mommas can't control that!
    Have a joyful weekend!!

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    Have a super day and come follow my blog!

    The Groschen Goblins

  3. I'll have to try that Lemonade trick. Thanks!

    I'm your newest Friday Follower.

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  5. I just found your blog, the suggestion for the dishwasher is something I will have to remember. I am with you on night gowns!

  6. I love the first one and the last one! Following your feed now from the Follow Me club at MBC club. Visit me at when you can!

  7. Wazzup??? Visiting and following from Friday Follow, and so glad you joined in this week! Have a terrific weekend and good luck with the cash giveaway from

    ~ Lynn

  8. Fellow momma of a screecher. Every night when I'm cooking dinner, she is between me and the cabinets screeching and banging her head against my legs. God bless her!

  9. Mine is a screecher too. He went through a really really bad screeching phase when he was about 6 months old. Now that he can make some other sounds, he doesn't do it quite so often. Hopefully he doesn't start back up again when he's 1 like Helen!

  10. I am now following you from FF! I was just thinking the same thing about how God uses other bloggers. I LOVE your blog, and look forward to reading more.

  11. I'm going to Target today. Maybe I'll try the Myers Kitchen spray. Thanks!

  12. I love all of the Mrs. Meyers products. I splurged last night and bought a Mrs. Meyers soy candle. It was 8.99 at lowes foods. I can't wait to light it.

  13. Ok Carrie...I just have to say it...What are you 80? A nightgown? Seriously?
    Love you


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