Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shepherding and Instructing…Fabulous and Free!

How do I parent my children?
How do I speak to their hearts and not just their behavior?

Shepherding a Child's Heart

 Shepherding a Child’s Heart is an amazing resource for the new parent or parent of very young children.  It is full of Biblical Principles that clearly show the need for parental authority and Biblical Discipline

Instructing a Child's Heart

Instructing a Child’s Heart is geared toward how we as parents can use scripture daily as we lead our children in all areas of life.  It really builds upon the foundation that Shepherding a Child’s Heart laid out.

These are both excellent books that every parent
should have in their library.

And now you have a chance to win both of them!

I am teaming up with Janna from The Adventure of Motherhood
and Shepherd Press to bring you this great giveaway. 

Janna has written a chapter by chapter review of
Shepherding a Child’s Heart.  And her review blows anything I would have tried to say out of the water! 

So, How can You win these Great books?

1-Leave a comment HERE at Little Llamas
Let me know one of your children’s great qualities

2- Leave a Comment over at Janna’s review of Shepherding a Child’s Heart
Let her know which chapter speaks the most to what you are going through in your parenting.

3- Tweet about this Giveaway!
”I just entered to win a 2 amazing parenting books from @LittleLlamas and @AdventureMomJ”  -- Let us know you tweeted!

4- Subscribe to Little Llamas, Adventure of Motherhood or Follow us on Twitter  Just let us know you did!

1 Winner will be chosen from the combined entries from both blogs on Monday by Random.org!

No duplicate comment entries.
This giveaway is open to US Residents aged 18 and older.

Be sure to make there is a way to contact you in your comment
Winners will be selected via random draw, and will notified by e-mail.
Winner has 48 hours to get back to me, otherwise a new winner will be selected.



  1. Sandra - perseverance; Reuben - fun-loving nature; Lucy - newborn sweetness

  2. my sweet 1 year old, hunter, is laid back and calm. he certainly doesn't take after his mama!

  3. Hope I win!! Looks like public blogging is treating you well!!

  4. oops did not read the whole post...Ellie is deep thinker even at 3 years old, she says thing like "mom lets talk about the kids that do not have moms and dads...Sam is the life of the party....Henry is laid back!

  5. Matthew loves with all his heart, and Austin is compassionate and hilarious at the same time! Hope you are doing well and getting ready for the BIG move!!!

  6. Maggie is passionate and Jonathan is so funny...who knows how they inherited these traits :)

  7. Ainsley is cautious and a thinker. She's definitely got a lot of her dad's serious side.

    Thanks for the giveaways!

  8. Hello! Something that I love so much about Macyn is that she has such a little sensitive heart. THis personality trait can be wonderful and also very frustrating at the same time! I would love to win this book!


  9. one of Eden's greatest qualities...? She is a fantastic helper! Which will come in VERY handy soon!! :)

  10. My Lil'man is very inquisitive and loving.

  11. So excited about this give away. I have been meaning to read both books!
    Hmm, just one great quality about my kids?? Too many to choose from! :)
    Both are passionate and full of joy!


  12. My little Miss E has such infectious joy, and knows when to share it to make you feel better. Great giveaway. :)
    ettinsmuir at gmail dot com

  13. I love my oldest's sense of humor, and my middle child's kindness. My baby is well just a baby, so I love her sweet smiles.

  14. My oldest daughter is helpful. My son is loving and my baby she is cheerful. What a great giveaway!

  15. My daughter has a kind and loving heart. Ever since she was a baby she was really led to comfort those who are struggling. My son has a great sense of humor and cheers up all of us by making us laugh.


  16. I subscribed via google reader.


  17. i LOVE biblical parenting resources!
    My daughter is only 8 months old, but she smiles and laughs at everyone! Such a happy baby.

  18. One of my son's best qualities is his friendliness. He likes to be around people and have people visit in our home.

    heatherlbrandt(at) verizon (dot) net

  19. I recently found your blog through blog hopping :) Anyway I would love to win this book..... My daughter(4 yr) is a very deep thinker and has lots of emotion. My son(11 mo)is sweet and seems to be able to make even the grumpy smile.


  20. I am following you on twitter


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