Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mail Fail

I tried. I failed.  I laughed.

I wrote thank you notes for Carson’s birthday Presents.
It is not worth mentioning that it took me 3 weeks to do so.

I wrote…I addressed…I began stamping.

Wait! Let me be resourceful…

I will just use these left over Christmas Stamps. 
My friends won’t mind…it will give them a chuckle.
I am so thrifty like that…I mean why let good stamps go to waste?

IMG_5723 IMG_5721

Oh, you mean THESE  leftover Christmas stamps?
Hmm.. I thought I had bought the mother/child stamps this year,
not the nutcrackers….So, where did these stamps come from?

I go to Google “how much is a stamp?”
(since it changes about every other day)
I see $.44

Hmmm….My Christmas stamps say $.42
and they are already stuck to my envelopes.

Are these Stamps From 2008???
Not only do my Birthday thank you notes have a Christmas stamp on them….they have a Christmas stamp from 2008.


Good thing I had some 1cent stamps laying around
for just a dilemma as this.

So what that my friends probably thought they were getting international mail from China with all the postage plastered all over those tiny little thank you notes. 

Good thing it’s the thought that counts, right? 
Not the postage.

Note to self—buy the “Forever” stamp from now on

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  1. love it! so funny. you did better than me, even if it took you 3 weeks. we were sick for the entire month of feb (hunter turned one on feb 2) and i just finally sent out a mass email to all of the guests as a thank you because i got completely behind on life. it was pathetic. i felt so lame. the guests, though, said it was totally fine. let's face it, they were just being nice.

  2. This made me laugh out loud! I have done the exact same thing!! I still have some 41 cent stamps around here too!! :)


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