Thursday, March 18, 2010

Littlest Llama turned 1

Alternatively Titled – I am in Denial that I no longer have a baby so refused to post any pictures from her birthday

3rd alternative Title—I left my camera in charlotte so these might be the last pics you see for a while.


The little Hen turned 1 almost 2 weeks ago. 
I am quick like that to get pictures on the blog.


It was a grand time.


The other children LOVED spoiling Helen and celebrating her.
They even helped me decorate above.
We like to deck the halls with streamers and balloons on birthdays.



Helen is not one for being spoiled. 
This picture is the essence of this child’s personality.

  IMG_6062 IMG_6065

Mama and Daddy sure did love all over you!

IMG_6068 IMG_6083

And you Devoured that cake.
If devour means to poke your finger in and out of it.


You enjoyed your presents. 

Especially this handmade “doll” Charlotte made for you.

Hope you had a Happy Birthday Helen!



  1. so precious. i love the her birthday outfit! your family is just gorgeous. hope you get your camera back soon!

  2. So sweet! It looks like it was a great first birthday! :)

  3. OK, umm, I want those tights... yeah the stripey ones... in maternity queen sized please. Ok, I'll take them in a 7/8 a 5/6 and a 24mths.. we can match... But I want mine first! THEY ROCK!

    And I'm impressed with what Helen did with her cake. My daughter's refused to touch theirs. I have NO "1st bday cake" messy face pics for any of them.... it's sad.

  4. Awww what a sweetie! Happy Birthday! They grow so fast. I love the picture where she is pushing her brother & sister away! LOL thanks fo stopping by today!


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