Tuesday, March 23, 2010

If you like to talk to tomatoes…

If a squash can make you smile…

If you are a Veggie Tales Fan, you will want to check out my review of the new Veggie Tales movie

Pistachio: The Little Boy that Woodn’t

It would be a great present to add to the Easter Basket. 

What are some other ideas you have for treats/presents for the Easter Basket.   Do you do Easter Baskets?  Or do you boycott all things “bunny and eggs”? 

We do Easter Baskets and they will include :

  • Candy (not for Helen)—Probably a chocolate cross (see previous discussion on the question of whether this is appropriate), Jelly  beans, and some of our (meaning Mommy and Daddy’s) favorite chocolates. 
  • Chirstian Chidlren’s Book—this year this oneMighty Acts of God: A Family Bible Story Book
  • Some small toy 
    • Carson—Star Wars costume on sale for $4 at Target
    • Charlotte- A Little Pet shop pet
    • Helen- a Screechometer…. because she won’t stop screeching!


**Edited to add—You have got to see my friend Katie’s blog where she explains “Blessing baskets” instead of Easter Baskets.    You start out with rocks in the basket representing our sins… then on Easter morning they are replaced with the fun treats (and an explanation of course of what Christ’s Resurrection brings us!) Thanks so much Katie!  Totally stealing this idea!



  1. I personally feel strange about a chocolate cross...but that is me. How is the house selling going. How about house hunting? Praying for it to sell soon!!

  2. We aren't doing the bunny this year. Check out our blog for our Christ centered alternative! http://gettingtoknowthepages.blogspot.com/2010/03/easter-baskets-and-blessing-baskets.html
    (Sorry to be a blog redirector... but it's too much to explain here!)

  3. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I absolutely love the blessing baskets! Keep them coming!

  4. saw your comment on SITS, i've had trouble with comment luv sometimes too. usually i try to make sure my blog address has: http:// at the front of it. that usually works. but ever so often it just doesn't show up. hope that helps!

  5. Am I over the age of 4? Mentally, maybe. Emotionally, hmmm that depends! But commenting anyway. Nice to meet you from SITS.

    Cute ideas for Easter - I'm so lazy will probably go the choc egg route although I always lay out a hunt for the little one which is fun. Not sure about the choc cross either, but to each their own! :-)

  6. I am clueless about an Easter basket for an 8 month old. So far I got the board books Peter Rabbit & Benjamin Bunny from the $1 section at Target. I should probably throw some Jesus in there too! ;)


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