Tuesday, March 16, 2010

He’s a sneaky one…

As I was playing on the kitchen floor with Helen recently…
In walked this cool cat

He walked right past me, ignoring my calls of
“what are you doing buddy?”
“Oh Nuffin”

Doesn't look like Nuffin to me.


He mounted that trashcan like only a real athlete would.
Note the hand sneakily trying to play with the toaster. uh..uh.uh!
Note the tongue… a sure sign of sneakiness.


He came…he conquered…he left with fruit snacks.


Not with out whipping back around, to give a hearty “See ya”

Carson, you are sneaky… especially when you are up to Nuffin.

One thing we have learned with you is this:

Nuffin usually means sumfin.
And sumfin usually means trouble.

But we Love you man!  

*PS—Kudos to whoever points out the item in the pictures above that proves I am growing in my parenting. HA!




  1. He sure is a handsome little guy! And btw, we are ALL growing in our parenting!
    Don't forget about my giveaway of the Vischer videos "What's in the Bible?".
    Let everyone else know about it as well!
    Have a blessed week!

  2. Too cute! The pictures are adorable! Have a great Tuesday!

  3. Elmers glue! Way to go Carrie, you getting crafty?

  4. He's such a cutie, though! But, yes, nothing always means uh-oh!

  5. Carrie Anne already said it, but I was going to say the glue, too. :) Pretty soon, Charlotte will be able to carry out all her crafty compulsions and desires without any real help or direction from you. Speaking from experience on this one! We just keep Sandra's craft supplies stocked up...and try to keep Reuben out of them.

  6. Ding ding! Indeed it was the Elmer's Glue!


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