Monday, March 8, 2010

Don’t know how ya got here, but I’m glad ya came

Actually, I do know how you got here.
I’m sly like that.

And I must admit I get a chuckle when I see the things people Google that bring them here to Little Llamas. 

A lot of people land here Googling “Potty Training boot Camp”
I hope you all found what you were looking for,
and that you took the plunge and did the 1-day training!


Surprisingly, many find my blog by Googling 
“Resurrection Playset”
I am sorry to say that Little People has still not listened to my great product idea.  They do have a Hanukkah play set though…

We’ve had people Google “Setting a timer to get things done”
You were probably looking for the Fly Lady, but glad you landed here.
Hope you stay a while!

I get quite a few inquiries about actual llamas
”Do Llamas Spit?”
”Is an Alpaca a Llama?”
”Cute llama animals”
”Stories about llamas”
”llama with a staph infection”

Some of you are searching for
“how to get my children to sleep past 6:00”
And I am sorry to say…I got nothin’ for ya.

And then there is the person who keeps Googling
“Carrie Maiden Name Last Name Little Llamas Blog”
Thanks for wanting to read my blog.
You can keep googling every time you are looking for my blog.

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 However you got here, I am glad you came. 
We’ve got lot’s going on in our crazy herd!

I am also excited to announce that Little Llamas is now 
So it should be easier to find!

But Don’t worry…
If you have still in your reader or bookmarks,
it should still be working. (and you let me know if it doesn’t!)

And if all else fails…
Just Google Llama Staph Infection and I’m sure you’ll find us!

Thanks so much for being a part of our lives!



  1. yay for your own domains!!! such a cute post.

  2. How funny, the things people use to find your site!

  3. Shell- While some of those searches people were probably trying to find us, many i think were looking for different information...but ended up here. you know, since I have all the answers.

    Thanks Carissa! Glad it is all transfered! Except for my blogrolls...sigh. I think they were a victim of the transfer. I am putting off re-link them all!


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