Monday, March 15, 2010

Did I fail to mention…

That my hubby is fabuloso??

Not only did he deliver the Best Birthday Surprise ever by coming home unexpectedly on Wednesday…

He took me out Friday for dinner, where over 20 of my friends were waiting for a surprise dinner celebration!  It was such a sweet surprise.  We dined on wonderful food per Ganache

David and my friends toasted me in honor of my 30th birthday!
I hate for people to praise me out loud in front of so many people…SO embarassing!  But it was also very sweet.

It was affirming to hear people close to me say such sweet things, encourage my strengths, acknowledge my gifts. 

I felt VERY loved.

David had written his very own “30 things I love about you”
And he had written it WAY before I wrote mine.
Interestingly enough, he mentioned many of the same things. 


Thanks for celebrating with me via the blogosphere!
I promise more pics from Helens bday, my surprise dinner, and more fabulous posts about all the happenings here with our Little Llamas.


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  1. I hate we missed dinner! I hope you guys had a GREAT time! Brian had the 8th grade dance that night...we would have had sooooo much more fun celebrating with you!


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