Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Decorating for Easter

Well, I finally pulled out my Easter decorations.  I actually do not have a lot of things to decorate for Easter….so decorating took about 3 minutes.  I fill some candle vases with Jelly beans, have some cute little decorations on the mantle.  I have 3 crosses hanging from candles.  (I mentioned earlier this week that my camera is still enroute to being delivered…so sorry no pictures of my uber festive mantle)

**Note- I think with very small children it can be challenging to keep them engaged for longer than a few weeks…so with Christmas and Easter I start really getting in to celebrating about 2 weeks out**

Our Dining room table houses our display of Lenten Lights (I will post about this soon!)

We do not make a big deal of the Easter Bunny coming.  But I am not against bunnies and eggs.  Yes, we do Easter baskets.  We take the children to an Easter Egg hunt.  But we make a very big deal of why we are celebrating so much on Resurrection Sunday.

I have wanted an Easter egg wreath for a while and actually saw
a great Cross at Joann’s the other day with eggs on it.   (can’t find a picture of the cross)Easter Egg Wreath

But I didn’t get it…. In this season of “moving soon” I am trying to downsize, not grow our amount of “things”

But considering how much we decorate for Christmas, I feel like we should make a big deal about Easter, as it really IS the most important holiday for Christians… but we just don’t.    But I do want our decorating and celebrating to point to the Savior and each year I 

I have considered buying a Crown of Thorns,  but honestly, I am thinking that just isn’t a good idea right now with 3 little llamas…unless I hung it on the wall somewhere.
Crown of Thorns, 7-8 inch   -

So while we are talking about this…
2.5 oz. Solid Milk Chocolate CrossDo you think it is weird to eat a chocolate cross? I want the kids Easter Baskets to not just be bunnies and eggs.  I like to put a Christian Children’s book in the basket, and I kind of like the idea of a chocolate cross, instead of a chocolate bunny. But is it weird to eat a cross?  I mean people make Hot Cross Buns…


My sister lives in Dallas, and it is tradition there (and I guess all over Texas…and maybe other places?) to put these white crosses in your yard.  You put it on the white side…

And then on Resurrection Sunday, you turn it around to read 
He is Risen!” I think it would be fun to drive around and see all the crosses.  Easter Cross Witness began in Dallas in 2005 and has now spread to cities an churches all over the country with over 29 denominations participating.  It hasn’t spread to Greensboro, but I hear it’s hit the big city of Gastonia


Stay tuned more this week to hear about our Resurrection Eggs, Jelly Bean Prayer, and Lenten Lights.

So how do you decorate for Easter?

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  1. You're so on the ball. I don't even own Easter decorations (unless you count all the random Easter eggs that are spread out around my house after the church Easter egg hunt this weekend!)
    I like that cross idea - I wonder where they find them?

  2. I love it! And I decided that we would really celebrate Easter all week this year for the same reasons. What could be more of a reason to celebrate than the death and resurrection of Christ and what it means!

    I am loving your ideas and need as many as you have, quick! I have no idea how to DO what I am TALKING about!

    Loving your blog and celebrating with you!

  3. We're supposed to decorate for Easter? Crud. I'm behind the curve once again. Once my kids are a little older (and really don't care about decorations) then I will get to decorating for all the non-Christmas holidays.
    I like chocolate no matter what the shape. That being said Christian consumerism has no end. People will make anything to be a cross or Christianish thing. Kinda weird. Like "Testamints."

  4. That is a cute wreath. I love the crosses in the yard, too.
    Thank you for linking up with Try and Tell. :-)


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