Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dear Little People

Dear Little People,

Mama Llama here.  I have asked nicely.  I have blogged about this before.  But when will you and your Fisher Price parents get a clue and come up with a Resurrection Playset??

Celebrate the Festival of Lights with your favorite Little People friends!

You have a Hanukkah Playset
Which is nicely done I might add.

Buy all three sets and save $10!

You have come a long way with your Nativity set.
I would really LOVE to find that discontinued Wisemen
set somewhere on ebay.

There’s Good Ol’ Plymouth Rock to celebrate

It folds so it’s easy to take along the bunny trail, or put into an Easter basket.

But really…
This is the best you can do for Easter?
For Resurrection Sunday?

Oh wait…you also offer the Easter trainLoaded with springtime surprises!

But why no Resurrection Playset?
Is a tomb too gruesome?

Is a cross too offensive?

My ideal playset would include:
A tomb, a cross, 2 ladies, 2 soldiers, Jesus, maybe some flowers, and a bird (since you usually like to include an animal of sorts---a dove would be my preference) and some linens to wrap Jesus in. 
Oh, and a rock… That can be rolled away.

And you know how the Nativity Playset plays Away in a Manger?
Ideally, my Resurrection Playset would play my favorite Easter hymn….but I know I am already asking for too much.

So Little People…
Please take note from moms all over the world. 
I get hits on my my blog EVERY week YEAR ROUND from people searching for “Resurrection Playset” 

Moms are speaking.
Are you listening?
We want a Little People Resurrection Playset.

Mama Llama

~~I understand that some people may not feel comfortable with a Playset depicting the Resurrection.  Many of those people don’t feel comfortable with a Nativity Playset either.  I won’t get into that debate here… other than the fact that I respectfully disagree with them.  We lead our children to play reverently with the Nativity playset, and our Tomb scene is more of a decoration on our table than a playtoy.  That said--- these visual symbols have been so special to our children as they can see and experience with their own little eyes the scriptures coming alive.~~~


PS--- and just for fun’s sake…not that anyone from Little People would ever stumble across this silly little blog…
If there was a Resurrection Playset, would you buy it??



  1. I think I just might, if it was done right that is!

  2. Love your blog! :) Gave you an award over at my blog!

  3. We would buy it!!! And 2 extra for my brother's kiddos and sister's kiddos (we bought the Nativity a few years back for them for Christmas)!

    P.S. They also have Noah's Ark !!! You're right, why no Resurrection Playset???

  4. Funny cause I was just about to write the same thing on my blog after visiting Target today. I would totally buy it... and about 4 more for friends! I have to admit that I was offended today while in Target when I saw the little people they had deemed Easter. A child dressed as a bunny does not Easter make! Let's go little people.... I know you can do better than sticking some kids dressed as bunnies in plastic eggs.

  5. I guess I don't shop toys enough to know about all those sets. I love the one you have made!

    I would buy it. That would be a great way to make Easter come alive!

  6. YES, I would buy it for sure! Okay Little People-you should really heed this advice!

  7. We LOVE the little people. Noah's Ark is great, but I think you're idea would sell. I would buy it. So, bring it on Fisher Price! We're waiting...

  8. Like Janna, I had NO idea they had all these sets... my first two girls didn't get into the FP people but Bubbagirl is starting to a little. I would SO buy an Resurrection Set. Or maybe, I'll just order a set from you because I think yours is pretty ROCKIN'!

    Um, don't we need a couple Angels in there? Maybe I'm pushing my luck...

  9. ha ha This reminds me of a friend of mine, who is a missionary, and caught her kids playing the Jesus film. She was a little concerned when she heard, "OK, now we nail him to the cross." but discovered they were just play acting.

  10. I would definitely buy a resurrection set!

  11. hey carrie - do you have a post about how you made your tomb? would love to know...

  12. nevermind - found it! thanks!


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