Thursday, March 11, 2010

The best birthday surprise ever!

When I say I have a fabuloso husband, I mean I have the best hubby in the world!  Poor guy had to leave last Saturday
right after we celebrated Helen’s little birthday. 
And wasn’t going to get home until today…

Oh the little sneak!

Tuesday night he called and told me to
open the armoire drawer.
There was a card in it saying he had arranged a babysitter for Wednesday morning for me to have the morning off. 
Further plans would be delivered!  FUN!

Wednesday morning…he called and said to go to his car and low and behold another card and a gift bag was inside his trunk.  It said my morning activity was to go get a massage!  Woo hoo! 
It was a hot stone massage where the massage your back with the hot stones… A-mazing!

I had planned lunch with a friend
(not a part of his plan… and almost ruined his plan)

Next, he called and asked if I would be home around 4:00, that he had a friend delivering something.  Why of course I can be home.  I was thinking it was probably flowers.

**We got a little off his surprise schedule when we got a call to show our house in 45 minutes…I am calling David to ask him about it, if I should take the showing or decline…I mean it’s my bday and i don’t really want to run around cleaning this house like a maniac in 45 minutes.   He is not answering his phone… totally NOT like him. 

I decide to take the showing…So we frantically clean the house
      (my friend and I)

We return to the house and I get another call to go downstairs to get a card from his desk.  There is another lovely note and box of delicious truffles from a local chocolatier “Loco for Cocoa” 
I pop one in my mouth (delish!) and head upstairs. 

I am not upstairs but a minute and my phone rings.  It is David and he instructs me to go to our bedroom and look inside a book.  Another card awaits me…saying he is going to spice things up.  He then tells me over the phone to go outside… that the guys are delivering something to the back door. 

I go… and am floored when I am expecting to see some flowers
and instead see this….


My husband…who was not supposed to be home until Thursday!
With 30 tulips in hand…Singing Happy Birthday!

Can you say I married a winner, or what?
(in the spirit of full disclosure--this was a staged photo, because 2 minutes after being home I declared “you are SO making the blog!”)

To say I was thrilled he was home was an understatement.  I was beaming!  But I also had just spent 45 minutes killing myself cleaning and didn’t look like the gorgeous bride ready for a hot date.

He took the kids (who were equally thrilled to see him) downstairs while I got ready… After numerous wardrobe changes…I emerged.
IMG_6113 IMG_6114

So this is what 30 feels like! 
I love it already!

I loved the picture on the left… but some little llama had gotten a hold of my camera and somehow turned the monochrome setting on… but it captured the tips of my uber trendy cowgirl boots—
you know, since I am SO trendy


My beautiful 30 tulips… which are even more stunning in person.
And my handsome hubby…who planned THE best birthday surprise ever.

He kept saying…
“Did you really think I would miss your 30th birthday??”


My 3 little llamas with their 30 year old mama!
David also came with a cake so the children could celebrate with us.
And then we hit the town for a dinner date.

Thank you honey for truly making
my 30th birthday one I will never forget! 
And for making me feel like the luckiest Mama Llama on earth!



  1. awesome birthday! surprises from husbands are the very best kind!!!
    I'm glad you love 30 already! It really is the best!

  2. yay! he rocks... what a sweet and unforgettable birthday surprise. the tulips are beautiful and the chocolates sound awesome. i could see the top of your boots and i know they definitely looked adorable! 30 looks great on you! so glad you had a fun day!

  3. Happy Birthday!! You sure DO have a sweet husband and a completely gorgeous family. You are one blessed Mama! Happy 30th :)
    Heather in NC

  4. This is the best thing I've heard all day! Happy Birthday! I love this even more than a sweet proposal b/c after years of marriage he's still going out of his way to show you you are a gal worth going ga-ga over.

  5. Happy Birthday!! What an incredible gift....way to go to your hubby!!!

  6. THAT is an awesome way to celebrate your birthday. how very, very COOL!


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